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Antwi-Adjei: Bochums Sprinter with a direction of view World Mug

CHRISTOPHER Sometimes the players can rarely be recognized on the grass on the grass on the grass on the grass. Flotilla maintained an overview as well as secured his team a not always expected 1-0 win with the strong leader of the 3rd division.

changeover to three-way chain

Just against the front-runner of the 3rd league, so on Sunday it violates the organization leader of the Bundesliga, a fairly demanding English week for VFL Bochum, which started with the bad defeat in Stuttgart.

The Consumers, not only the base of the Bundesliga, made it through the group with most of the goals (27 in 10 games), the eruptive mug game without yielding an objective. First with chain of four, after that Thomas Let sch placed on a three-way development; That might likewise be an option against Union Berlin.

The happier team

The instructor will absolutely consider changes on the defensive, in the offending area it ought to be clear that Christopher Antwi-Adjei will obtain another chance from the beginning. Simon Roller has not yet been ready for usage due to his muscle mass injury, Jimmy, on the various other hand, typically continued to be inconspicuous, showed a solid game in Saarland.

The VFL ends the trip to Saarland with a fellow feeling, even if Let sch rightly admitted that in the long run one was the better team, yet did not win.

slatted cross goal

The German-Ghanaer, who debut in the national group in Ghana's in 2019, still expects his engagement worldwide Cup. Naturally, he desires to remember with effective looks in the Bochum jersey.

The local of Hagen is promptly on his feet anyhow, this moment he dominated in the oozing time and again and sent some functional flanks into the charge location of the Elversberger. He practically even scored his very first goal of the period, yet his effort practically from the baseline, half-shot, fifty percent flank, flew to the Hakenkreuz the Elversberger Tore's.

Stafylidis ought to return

Antwi-Adjei should continue to be the first option on the right, another option is ideal for the defensive. Costs Stafylidis, not yet in the team after his COVID-19 ailment in Elvers berg, should prepare versus Union on Sunday.

There is a reunion for Dominique Heinz with his normal organization; The main defender is loaned to the area club by Union till the end of the season. After a rough start in Bochum due to numerous forced breaks, Heinz is currently literally completely at the elevation and after his partial mission in the mug might even be a prospect for the starting eleven.


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