Buchwald slams ideology at VfB Stuttgart

Honor player Guido Buchwald criticized the viewpoint of the troubled Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart. The 1990 globe champ misses out on a leader that trembles the children

The path with the young wild ones is the incorrect method, states Buchwald in a meeting with the Schwäbische Dating. From Buchwald's perspective, s director Sven Militant is a primary culprit for the Misère.

Quo These problems are largely to be chalked up to the squad organizer, claimed the 61-year-old: This is the one that decided. Torcher NASA Kalajdzic did not go spontaneously either, yet in fact wanted to alter a year prior to. You need to care for a good replacement in time.. Before the 10th match day, CFB took a relegation area without a win. After the splitting up from Pelegrín Matarazzo, the Swabians are presently searching for a train. On Saturday (3:30 p.m./ Skies) the Stuttgart bottom of VFL Bochum waits for.


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