How to save the game in Coral Island

Nowadays, keeping the game in many games is quite simple. Usually you can keep manually when you want, or enjoy regular auto-security intervals. Coral Island is slightly different, so we defeated everything you need to remember while saving the file.

Is it possible to manually save the game file in Coral Island?

In order not to complicate, no, You cannot manually save the game on the coral island. There is also no auto-saving (except for the change of day). The only official way to keep the game on the coral island is to go to bed and fall asleep. As soon as you fall asleep, the game will switch the next day, and you will see an officially saved file. You can save the game without sleep by pressing the button I am stuck the choice in the main menu, but we recommend this only if you have no other choice.

What are you doing when you are stuck on the coral island?

Coral Since Stairway Games is constantly developing the game, there may be problems with movement. If you are stuck while playing Coral Island, do not worry. Just click on ESC key on the keyboard. At the very bottom of the screen you will see I am stuck as an option to press.

Keep in mind, getting into I am stuck option will make your day end prematurely. Although this is an acceptable decision, if you really have come to a standstill, you may not want to use this choice if you have a chance to free yourself. This is because after choosing the option the day will remain. You will lose all the progress that you could get before the end of the day, so be sure that you want to do it .

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