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SGE - BVB: Stegemann describes why the VAR does not step in

Telemann admitted that it was his insurance claim to address the issue on the field and also not hinge on the VAR at all, however additionally emphasized: Basically, it behaves if the Cologne basement can conserve the mistake. Since neither was done, he announced that there must be a constructive handling of the action between Tampa and also it is on Monday.

On Sunday, Telemann proceeded to go right into detail at the double pass and described why the video clip assistant had not taken place. The check procedure was terminated also early, he claimed in the TV show. It was not utilized for added perspectives, although the opportunity would certainly have been there, continued Telemann.

I know how hard this work is, said Telemann, referring to the Var. It is the instance that we have to state, we made a clear blunder. The evening was short and also not particularly relaxed, stated the 37-year-old.

Schiri Already on Saturday night, Telemann had actually confessed that he needs to have imposed a penalty for the Hesse in the 42nd minute of the video game between Frankfurt and also Dortmund when Karim Adam had actually pushed Jesper Windstorm ready for time. The VAR inspected the scenario and also was not categorized as clear and undoubtedly incorrect, claimed the referee for communication with the Fragrance storage, in which Dr. Robert Tampa had acted as Var.

On Sunday, Telemann proceeded to go into information at the double pass and explained why the video clip assistant had actually not happened. The check process was terminated too early, he said in the Television program. I know how hard this work is, stated Telemann, referring to the Var.


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