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Suit winner Niclas Füllkrug has only one desire

Once again became a suit victor at Welder Bremen's second house win against Bertha BSC, Nicolas Fuller. In his header 5 mins before completion to the 1-0 winning goal-even the tenth Welder objective in the final quarter of an hour-the striker did not allow himself to obtain out of his very own other half. Throughout the cost-free kick version of strike colleague Marvin Duck sch, Fuller had actually been bumped in the sphere of Augustin Roger as well as colleague Amos Piper, yet he promptly stood on his leg and became the crucial guy.

Fill mug is stunned, raps as well as hits

With success. Therefore, Fuller had the ability to anticipate the ideal feeling: Such a night video game right here in the Weber Arena as well as shortly before completion is always the most effective feeling. The striker explained the striker that he and his teammates, specifically in the second half, versus a Berlin playing with little risk.

It is annoying that the ball red wines were no much longer kipped down the initial half. When tornado companion Duck sch (26th) as well as himself (31st) awarded himself after six Ilia Gruel had worked well versus the round, he additionally thought of two opportunities.

I think that was my colleague. I was just amazed who steps on my foot, the winning objective scorer informed DAZN after the video game. However, loading jugs rapped up quickly from the ground, faced position on the complying with flank from Anthony Jung as well as headed in a worth seeing from twelve meters. From this range, there would have been no numerous other alternatives to bring as much pressure behind the ball as possible, grinned the 29-year-old.

national group and also filling up jug's wish

One of the most successful German goalscorer in the Bundesliga can not be lured out of the book on this factor. For him, inquiries about the national team fall right into the groups or and still and yet he knows, on which listings I such as. Of program, I know what I am down leads.

It also goes well for Fuller, since the winning goal was already his ninth objective of the season in the twelfth video game. Fuller does not want to look anyway until November 20, the demonstrator's wish is rather directed right into the really near future.

Coach Ole Werner summarized the video game soberly: It worked out for us. It also goes well for Fuller, because the winning goal was already his 9th goal of the season in the twelfth game. For many an adequate debate to drive to the World Mug with Germany.

Fuller does not intend to look anyway until November 20, the striker's desire is instead routed right into the extremely near future. My wish is to score an objective again next week. After That on Saturday (6.30 p.m.) the following residence video game versus Schalke 04 is already a really essential as his instructor Werner highlighted once again.

Nicolas Fuller once again ended up being a suit champion at Welder Bremen's second residence win against Bertha BSC. During the totally free kick variation of assault coworker Marvin Duck sch, Fuller had actually been bumped in the sphere of Augustin Roger and also teammate Amos Piper, yet he quickly stood on his leg as well as became the decisive man.


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