What is a technical machine in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

In other games about Pokémon, there are functions associated with craft, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will add a craft component to technical machines (TM) of this generation. The new trailer shows of the gameplay of the technical machine, which will be represented in the Paladin region. This is what we know about it.

What is a technical machine from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?


The technical machine, apparently, is a device found in Pokémon centers that you can use to create tm and disks to teach Pokémon to new movements for the battle. At the mark 4:45 In the trailer, a vast menu is presented. To create TM, it seems that league glasses and components found when victory over wild Pokémon or capture are required. Also, it seems that there was an opportunity to exchange the components found at the wild Pokémon for additional glasses of the league, if you have few resources and have spare materials.

Given the new Term Type phenomenon in the Paladin region, players may need easier access to various TM's, since this new function will significantly change the traditional set of text. It seems that Pokémon still has some restrictions on what TM they can learn. However, we hope that the ability to create several copies of TM will help coaches prepare their Pokémon for adaptation when necessary.

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