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The delicate connection in between Messi and Saudi

According to Forbes, Lionel Messi made an approximated $120 million and the equivalent of around 116 million euros from May 2021 to May 2022. To do this, countless sponsorship agreements with Adidas, INAMI, Pepsi, Mastercard and much more add to this. For example, Saudi Arabia.

The country, which Messi and Argentina offered a good shock at the World Cup in Qatar on Tuesday with the totally unexpected 2-1 triumph, has actually been paying the 35-year-old superstar for several months to draw in travelers to the country. In Might Messi was provided as Ambassador for Tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia also wants the World Cup 2030 Argentina

This is twice as fragile: firstly, since Messi, who actually does not have to get in into advertising partnerships for financial reasons, so that a minimum of indirectly a program supports all kinds of human rights infractions; Secondly, due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is not only in direct competitors with Argentina at this World Cup.

Saudi Arabia hopes together with Egypt and Greece the contract for the 2030 World Cup-like Argentina, which is preparing an application with Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile and also depending on Messi as an ambassador.

Messes 377 million followers see the marketing for Saudi Arabia

According to Forbes, Lionel Messi earned an estimated $120 million and the equivalent of around 116 million euros from May 2021 to May 2022. To do this, millions of sponsorship contracts with Adidas, INAMI, Pepsi, Mastercard and many more contribute to this. Saudi Arabia aims for a larger role in worldwide sport, composed Dr. Sebastian Sons, expert for Arabic golf monarchies at the Bonn research study institute Cargo, in a visitor post in the.

Saudi Arabia strives for a larger role in worldwide sport, wrote Dr. Sebastian Sons, professional for Arabic golf monarchies at the Bonn research institute Cargo, in a guest post in the. This consists of the 2030 World Cup as well as the Asian winter games 2029. This gigantic plans are not least about putting the local rivals in the shade and securing your own rule-what it wants.


Messi is only part of this pricey method, but an especially prominent. For how long his collaboration with Saudi Arabia runs is not known. By the next marketing post, after the 1-2 embarrassment on Tuesday, he should rather wait a little.

That the seven-time balloon d'Or winner advises his 377 million Instagram fans in this constellation with a romantic picture and under the hashtag Visitsaudi to discover the Red Sea (and over seven million likes) not everyone in his house nation ought to not be silent about human rights organizations.


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