Eintracht Braunschweig: Jasmin Fejzic's Contract Expires

As one of Contract Braunschweig's most experienced players, goalkeeper Jasmin Ferric is in the late stages of his career. But despite his age, he isn't ready to hang up his gloves just yet. Read on to find out what the future holds for him and how his contract renewal could affect the team!

Jasmin Ferric subordinates the season goal.


Contract Braunschweig's captain wants the promoted and existing table-14. Make certain to keep transfer, because as it currently looks, the goalkeeper ends his profession in summer season. Shortly before the end of the season, Ferric turns 37. When I signed here nearly 3 years earlier, I stated that this was my last agreement, stated the Bosnian in an interview with the Braunschweig Dating. Younger goalkeepers are can be found in, who are also great, you need to acknowledge that, included the veteran, who played 14 league games for BTSV before winter break (-average 3:18) and an overall of 179 second and 2nd and second 112 3rd division missions. With the good young keepers, he should most importantly his existing challenger Ron-Thorben Hoffmann me (23, 3 league missions, average 3.33), who changed from FC Bayern to the Ronstadt in summer.

Continue to speed up to keep the status

Ferric describes the relationship with Hoffmann as great. That was always fantastic here in Braunschweig. We see ourselves as a kind of small extra team, stated the regular keeper.

Hoffmann can come from the future at Contract. Ferric currently has the front, but likewise understands that I have to continue to speed up to keep the status. Third goalkeeper in the Braunschweig squad is the 20-year-old owner Leonard Schulz Yokels, which is still without commitment in the professional location, however belonged to three 2nd department video games in the present season.


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