FC Köln Winterbreak Training Camp: The Test Game Against SC Germania Reusrath Is Canceled


Without Steffen Rampart, who attended the training conference of the federal leagues in Frankfurt, 1. FC Cologne just finished a training session on Thursday and was limited to strength and running. The afternoon unit was deleted at short notification.

Rebirth test erased men

The Perfume team's test video game was likewise deleted at the nationwide league team SC Germania Rebirth. The arena in Lagerfeld has no yard heating due to continuing sub-temperatures and a lawn that is unplayable, the video game was postponed, a new appointment is to be scheduled in January. Both teams play against each other on Saturday, in the Cologne Franz-Kremer Stadium and this, including the public. Next Wednesday (December 21:1 p.m.) FC welcomes SV Happen in the Rhein-Energie-Sportpark, on January 7, 2023 (3:30 p.m.), Hamburger SV will be checked in Cologne. For January 14th, a last test is planned before the Bundesliga started again, a challenger has not yet been figured out.


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