Football World Cup in Qatar: Messi-Bappé. Messi against Mbappé: The dream finals in Qatar electrify

Victory in the World Cup is not only a matter of joy for Messi, but also for Mbappé - and the younger generation of football players. It's more than a game.

Messi against Mbappé: The dream final in Qatar electrifies the world football world and has more than a historical measurement. Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappé-an the beaches and in Doha's souks, the wonderful duel of the magic tenses has actually long been chosen. In front of the display with the golden World Cup on the Messi, lined with palms lined with Palmer Cornice, are at lots of snakes. For the portrait painters in the markets, Argentina's Harbinger is the brand-new favorite motif and his jersey in Al-Wakrah or Waif. Mbappé? Is barely existent before the dream finals of the World Cup in Qatar.


The New Pelé or the rightful tradition of Got Diego Maradona, the miracle young boy or the Messiah- the last open concern of the desert World Cup will be addressed on Sunday (4:00 p.m. CET/ARD and Magenta TV). On the Qatari an nationwide vacation. In front of 88,966 spectators in the golden arena bowl from Lugsail and around 1.5 billion television fans. All eyes are on Messi and Mbappé. According to the project of his supplier, the French-fast French one-man TGV follows his destiny, with the 2nd triumph after 2018 before his 24th birthday on Tuesday, he was on a level with King Pelé. Messi, on the other hand, keeps: We won five endgames here, he stated in memory of the predicament after the surprising opening personal bankruptcy against Saudi Arabia, hopefully we will likewise win the last one too.

God will crown you on Sunday!

It is the ultimate showdown and likewise for the host and Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani a fairy tale like from a thousand and a night. Due to the fact that both superstars at Paris St. German are paid with oil and gas millions, the winner is currently particular for the desert state: Qatar! Messi knows the overwhelming majority of fans on his side, 10s of thousands of Argentine have colored Doha Himmelblau-Weiß. Even the arch-rival Brazil stops him. O REI Pele personally presses his fingers crossed from the bedside. For Rival do, world champion from 2002, it is clear: God will crown you on Sunday! Ronaldo also confessed that he would eagerly anticipate Messi. I will not be so hypocritical to say that I would be happy for Argentina. In the battle with his pal Kylian, whom he calls Ninja Turtle Donatello lovingly turtle since of the supposed resemblance to Ninja Turtle, Messi is supported by his family on site. Spouse Antonella as well as the kids Thiago, Mateo and Cairo wish to see their Leo, whom his colleagues call Wiesel rather of Flow, in the footsteps of the icons Mario Kempis (1978) and Maradona (1986).

more than simply Messi vs. Mbappé

Olivier Giroud doesn't wish to know anything about it. Messi is an extraordinary player, but we will not let him experience the very best night of his life, said Mbappé's storm partner. On the way to the 2nd star, France had 4: 3 in the round of 16 in 2018, Mbappé scored two times. There are still six Argentinians and nine French of that time, the Équipe Tricolore relies on 6 stars from the Bundesliga, the Albiceleste has just one in the Leverkusen EXE CILE Palacios. That makes it clear: the final offers a lot more than that one duel. There is Hugo Loris, who will climb up the World Cup record goalkeeper with 20 video games, and his counterpart, penalty killer Emiliano Martinez.

There are Aurelia Tchouameni and Enzo Fernández, plus Antoine Riemann, for numerous experts from the tournament players, and Rodrigo de Paul. Or Marcus Thu ram, who as the very first specialist like his father Lilian in 1998 can become world champ. Or the World Cup discovery Julian Álvarez and Giroud, both of whom met four times. Messi and Mbappé were 5 times successful-for both, the main prize is about the Golden Shoe, the title of the very best World Cup gamer and world football instructor. Her duel is also a battle of the coaches. Here the as soon as reviled Messi fan Lionel Salon, about whom Maradona said he could not even control the traffic- and who now sees himself in a location of which every Argentinian dreams. There World Champion Coach Didier Deschamps, who could win the World Cup for the third time. He revealed his crucial maxim in the half-time of the 2018 last: Kylian gives the ball! Only the Italian Victoria Pizza coaches a national group on 2 World Cup titles (1934/38)-es was the first World Cup double pack of a country, which previously only duplicated Poles Brazil (1958/62). So much history! It will be a terrific last, said France's crucial player Riemann, on the square or to view.


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