Fortnite: Simple Method To Harm Opponents While Standing On Snow Or Ice Cream

Taking on your opponents in Fortnite has never been easier with the new stack of the week which gives you a simple method to harm them while standing on snow or ice cream! In this article, we'll explore how you can make use of this new stack and dominate the competition.

A brand-new stack of a week is now live for fourteen days and among them requires that you hurt opponents while standing on snow or ice cream. Like the weekly quest Transfer Christmas decors with automobiles, it likewise consists of 5 actions, with each action rewarding it with 16,000 EP.

Here is the simplest method to harm opponents while they are on snow or ice in fortnite

How to harm opponents while they are rapidly on snow or ice in fortnite.

The most convenient method to finish this weekly quest in Fortnite has actually dropped to a place with snow and/or ice. Although every place in the snow suffices, we advise that you visit at Lonely Labs. Although many gamers usually come over at ruthless bastion, this specific POI is covered with stones that will not assist them to finish this quest. Drop in Lonely Labs if you are looking for a basic approach to finish every five actions of this weekly quest. Lonely Labs drops a great number of people there so that they do not need to fight to find opponents to which they can harm.


This is likewise an excellent place to search for Christmas presents that you can include called locations. As soon as you have a couple of weapons, go outside quickly and ensure that you are in the snow or on ice. Now you can harm every opponent you see and rapidly make progress through this weekly quest. Every step does not need too much damage, so that they increase through these actions and gather 16,000 XP extremely rapidly each time. If you are the last one standing at Lonely Labs, you can loot and continue in the direction of harsh bastion or go to the next ring area. In any case, make certain that you hurt every opponent you see. The area around Lonely Labs and harsh bastion is covered with ice and snow. Everybody will harm you that they cause, probably make progress in this weekly quest. After the weekly quests are cleared out to damage opponents while standing on snow or ice cream, they can now concentrate on completing the weekly quest Transfer vacation decorations with vehicles. All the best out there and great holidays! Fourteen days are now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile gadgets. - This article was upgraded on December 20, 2022


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