Fortnite Update 23.10: What's new and what is planned?

Maintenance work is scheduled for the new update on Fortnite's server. Patch 23.10 will introduce changes to Battle Royale and Save The World, but what it might not be so clear is what the patch will include.

For Fortnite, upkeep work is scheduled for patch 23.10 on the server. What can we expect with the new upgrade in the popular Battle Royal?

Fortnite: Planned maintenance work for Patch 23.10

However, if unanticipated difficulties take place, the waiting time can be extended again. If this is the case, we will inform you once again here once again in the course of the day.

Once you have pulled spot 23.10 for Fortnite, that does not mean that you can get started immediately: According to developer Impressive, the servers have not been available given that 10 a.m. in order to have the ability to roll out the upgrade appropriately. The matchmaking was deactivated half an hour previously. If whatever goes according to strategy, a downtime of around two hours can be assumed, as held true with past patches.


It is around five gigabytes, and you can currently download it. In addition to apparent bug repairs and a couple of first guesses, which new material should expect in Fortnite in the coming days, not too much concrete is yet understood. We summarize the first information for you.

patch notes and fresh material in the brand-new upgrade

As always, Legendary Games publishes the Patch Notes for the new upgrade of Fortnite a short time later on.

Far we do not know precisely what sources of problem this time the collar was doing. Nothing concrete is also understood about the material that we get served at 23.10. Nevertheless, numerous leaves begin with the start of Fortnite Christmas Occasion.

With the fracture event, Epic recently declared the new chapter: What awaits you with Fortnite Chapter 4, we have summarized you somewhere else.

In addition, some exciting skins might also reach Fortnite's shop over the vacations. For example, a joint task with YouTube star MrBeast has remained in the space for a long time, but likewise for the action-packed anime My Hero Academia (in the original: Baku No Hero Academia) we need to see a little clothing in the video game in the future.

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