How Much Time Do You Need To Spend League Of Legends: The Answer To A Complex Question

The most popular title of Riot Games, along with the rest of the games of this company, recently arrived at Xbox Game Pass, and the users of the subscription service will automatically unlock all the champions of the game, in addition to an experience bonus. This application has an interesting curiosity, and it shows the amount of time it takes to overcome the history of League of Legends. According to these calculations, it would take 1,016 hours to complete the main story of League of Legends. Although more than 1,000 hours is an exorbitant figure, the amount of time necessary to complete this Mob in its entirety will surprise you even more.

In total, you would need about 2,489 hours, which is equivalent to about 103 days.

fictitious statistics

Naturally, since this Riot Games title is a Mob and has no history or mode for a player, these statistics should not be taken seriously, and it is likely that artificial intelligence has generated this data totally randomly. Statistics are the result of collaboration with HowlongTobeat, which measures practically all video games. Focusing on these data, most League of Legends players will tell you that investing 1,000 hours in the game probably does not help you even to get to gold, a range with which they give you the victorious skin and surpass the average of invokes. If we talk about passing the game, that this could be understood by many people would be to reach Challenger, those 1,000 hours to reach that range seem a complete utopia, being sincere. As we have said at the beginning of the news, League of Legends is not the only Riot title available at Xbox Game Pass.


Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, Team fight Tactics and Wild Rift are also part of the subscription service that would allow you to save up to more than 1,000 euros if you had to pay everything that this service offers you in exchange for a monthly fee.


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