It's Not The Same Without Luka Doncic: Dallas Mavericks Lose To Cleveland Cavaliers In Overtime

The Cleveland Cavaliers were able to pull out a victory in overtime with 99 points against the Dallas Mavericks. The Mass seemed to have an edge during most of the game, but in the end they couldn't pull ahead. Emma Walker was key in winning for the Cars with 32 points and 10 assists. Luka Dončić and Galen Brunson were absent for this game, which likely contributed to the loss of the Mavericks.


There everyone brought the Cars forward with +1 2 minutes prior to the end Walker's jump toss got stuck in the ring with nearly 13 seconds, the subsequent leaping ball secured Wood to his team With quick switching, Hard away Jr. had an excellent throw from downtown, but thought twice Wood took a hard Step back triangle over a protector, the litter didn't really clap and have a chance on the board Victory for Cleveland Articles and videos on the topic MVP race: No chance for Dončić? Experience the NBA live on DAZN Register now! Can be canceled at any time

NBA: The Statistics leader at Cavaliers vs. Mavericks

Category | Cars | Mass ---|---|--- Points | Donovan Mitchell (25) | Emma Walker (32) Rebounds | Jarrett Allen (14) | Christian Wood (12) Assists | Darius Garland (10) | Emma Walker (7) Steals | Darius Garland (3) | Tim Hard away Jr. (3) Blocks | Odor, all (2 each) | Christian Wood (2)

Without Luka Dončić and other top entertainers, the Dallas Mavericks had to give up in overtime versus the Cleveland Cavaliers with 99: 100 Emma Walker was the very best man in the game with 32 points

Cleveland Cavaliers (20-11)- Dallas Mavericks (15-15) 100: 99 (box core)

The 32-year-old had actually scored an overall of 14 points this season in just 2 missions for Dallas, but against Cleveland he got his chance in the Starting Five On the second night of a back-to-back, the Mass completed apart from the already injured Maxi Keeper without Luka Dončić, Spencer Dinwiddie and Dwight Powell Walker based on the floor for 42 minutes and did not stop at the end, he brought the Mass into overtime with the last points of the routine time Walker met 12 of his 25 litters, played 7 assists and just made 2 turnover Christian Wood also made a great video game with 26 points at 9/18 from the field and 5/13 by Downtown along with 14 rebounds and 2 blocks, among them in the last stage Wood will not be pleased, since he missed out on the last throw of the game and hence a possible game winner However, his Step back trainer about a protector was not the conclusion that one would have wanted in the last seconds from the MASS perspective Agreed free tosses also played a function in Dallas once again, both Walker and Wood only fulfilled among their 2 free tosses in the last minute The Mass were heavily reliant on their beginners, the reservists hardly contributed anything

MAVS-Bank weak-cavs barely satisfy three

The photo was similar on the opposite side, Cars Lever played 38 minutes, however got a weak night with 4 points (2/8 FG) and 3 turnover Donovan Mitchell with 25 points was much better, even if his range being barely fell (1/9) Darius Garland (18) played 12 assists without a single turnover and tape-recorded 4 steals With a better three quotas (only 7/36), Cleveland could have decided the duel earlier, because the Cars made a lot more constant simple points in the zone (58:34), after offending rebounds (17: 5) and in Fast break (13 : 4) Jarrett Allen (8) grabbed 4 of his 15 rebounds on the opposing board and supplied the last points of the game, Evan Manley contributed 17 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists In the very first half, the tour altered again and again, no team had the ability to gain a bigger range than 6 points Cleveland satisfied just 4 of his 19 efforts from Downtown prior to the break, while Dallas sank in the first area 6 of three Walker always came straight to the ring and ended his strong first half at the break of 49:47 Dallas came out of the cabin better and got the first double-digit management of the game with an 11: 3 run Nevertheless, the Mass then played practically four minutes without a successful field throw, that made their lead away The last success in the area was once again Dallas, Reggie Bullock scored from Downtown to 75:67 before entering into the last 12 minutes

Walker brings Cars in Overtime-Wood missed opportunity to win

There the cars rapidly equalized, Dallas presented something again Cleveland met better in the last stage, Mobley set it from a range 3 minutes prior to completion Wood responded with a distance hitch, then Mobley once again from the middle distance In the last minute, Wood kept the distance from small with a block against Mitchell, on the other hand he just struck one of his complimentary tosses 95:93 for Cleveland to have fun with 50 seconds Mobley granted a layup, then Walker went to the line and also granted a complimentary throw, which was missing Remarkably, Cleveland brought the subsequent throw-in to everybody who just hit one of the giveaways Walker dribbled the apparently last attack by the MASS with a chance to equalize to five seconds in the game, before he had the ability to dribble past everyone with no issues and adjusted to Cleveland completely freely on the ring On the other hand, Mitchell got the opportunity of a video game winner and got easily with a crossover, however assisted himself with the forearm against Tim Hard away Jr. The toss failed, because of the offensive nasty, he would not have counted anyway To be sorry for the former Cavalier J. R Smith, who thrilled himself on the side line together with Mitchell Overtime!


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