Why You Should Watch The World Cup On TV Versus Streaming

If you are an avid soccer fan, you'll be watching the world cup semi-finals from Croatia and Argentina closely. While many will choose to watch the game live online, some might prefer to find a TV. If that sounds like you-make sure you know where to turn!

Both Croatia and Argentina had to go into charge shootouts in their quarter-finals at the 2022 World Cup. Croatia left little versus Brazil over 104 minutes prior to Neymar still scored the lead for Select. The vice world champ from 2018 only hit Petrovich 13 minutes later on and had the better nerves in penalty shooting (4: 2).

The emotional world was reversed at the Albiceleste. The South Americans initially led 2-0 against the Netherlands and conceded in the eleventh minute of stoppage time after a free kick through Defrost. Nevertheless, Messi and Co. stayed stable in the head and won in the penalty shootout (4: 3).

ARD and Magenta television transmit live

Is the duel on Tuesday (8 p.m.) in the Lugsail Iconic Arena in the charge shootout? The game is transferred on Free television by the ARD.


In addition, Magenta television is there for all 64 World Cup games. For both teams, there is another video game at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The video game for third location happens on Saturday (4 p.m.), the last on Sunday (4 p.m.).


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