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Dead Space Remake: Celebrate the Ratings with the Official Trailer - 2023's First Software Highlight

One of the very first software application highlights of the still rather young computer game year 2023 belonged to the remake for the survival scary timeless Dead Area published in 2008. The remake was received really favorably from both the game press and the video gaming neighborhood.


For example, the PlayStation 5 version of the Dead Area new edition on Metacritic brings it to an average ranking of 88 points. At the weekend, not just a brief accolades' trailer was launched with which PlayStation and Electronic Arts celebrate the test ratings of the worldwide game press. In addition, the developers of the concepts studios spoke in a current declaration about the future of the Dead Area series and once again mentioned that eventually they wish to deal with further Dead Space tasks.

Dead Area designer treat themselves to a worthy of break

According to this, EA maintains several teams. While a team is currently dealing with Iron Guy project revealed on 2022, the developers of the Dead Space remake will take their deserved holiday. Then the group wants to come together and advise on its next steps. The focus of the discussions will naturally likewise be the Dead Area brand. We have communicated both internally and externally that we want to continue our deal with the Dead Area franchise, said Studios. Our core group is enthusiastic about the brand name, and we need to advise on what the right next action for us. There are numerous elements that need to be considered at the studio and corporate level. In the beginning, nevertheless, the group will take his well-deserved getaway and then decide what will follow, said the designers and at the exact same time mentioned that the Iron Guy brand name remains in great hands with the studio. Further, reports on the Dead Space remake: Developers deal with concepts for the future of the series Test: The (almost) the best survival horror remake! PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in the graphics contrast The remake for Dead Area is readily available for the PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. By filling the video you accept the information defense statement from YouTube. Find out more Load video Always unlock YouTube Further reports about Dead Space.


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