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EA Lays Off Over 200 Apex Legends Playtesters - What to Know About Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry

Pinnacle Legends Season 16: Entertainment is everything about commemorating the game's fourth year. Play testers at EA's Baton Rouge office are unlikely to join in the celebrations after over 200 of them were laid off earlier today, according to a record by Kodak. According to the publication's resources, the news came using a surprise Zoom call during which thousands of Peak Legends play testers were unceremoniously discarded by the triple-A game author.

While the Louisiana-based workplace had actually functioned on other titles in the past, its focus was changed particularly to Peak Legends prior to the hit battle royale's surprise February 2019 launch. Pinnacle Legends runs on a greatly customized variation of Source Engine, as well as is no complete stranger to fairly substantial bugs that have actually in some cases gone unaddressed for months.

EA has yet to make any main comment on the issue, but it does seem like some interior restructuring is taking area as much as Apex Legends goes. Last month, Respawn announced that the prize-winning Pinnacle Legends Mobile would certainly be sunset on May 1 -- simply a couple of days prior to its one-year wedding anniversary on May 17. One more significant overhaul to the franchise business included the cancelation of the single-player Peak Legends video game, which was proactively in advancement prior to getting canceled.


Called unscheduled and compulsory, it's clear the Zoom phone call came as a shock to both the play testers themselves and also the business's higher level supervisors-- the latter of whom were allegedly given no notification nor time to prepare prior to Tuesday's massive layoffs. Rubbing salt in the wound, Kodak's resources claim that, after the surprise Zoom meeting, staff members that had actually been given up were only allowed to go clear out their work desks as well as gather personal items while under the direct guidance of EA safety employees. EA is apparently offering 60 days of discontinuance wage, though this is allegedly far less time than most employees still carried their employment agreement.

Pinnacle Legends is cost-free to play on console and also PC. A mobile variation of the video game, Pinnacle Legends Mobile, is offered to play on Android as well as iPhone gadgets, but will be sunset on May 1.

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Peak Legends Season 16: Entertainment is all about commemorating the video game's fourth year. According to the publication's sources, the statement came through a surprise Zoom call throughout which hundreds of Pinnacle Legends play testers were unceremoniously unloaded by the triple-A video game publisher.

EA has yet to make any main remark on the issue, but it does appear like some interior restructuring is taking location as far as Peak Legends goes. One more significant overhaul to the franchise business consisted of the cancelation of the single-player Pinnacle Legends video game, which was actively in growth before obtaining terminated.


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