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Eintracht Frankfurt Looks to Improve After 0:3 Defeat in Cologne | Learning from Standard Situations

In reality, all 3 Perfume goals even scored according to basic circumstances. In the 1-0 Time Huber, a cross headed after a short-played corner kick, in the 3-0 Ell yes Shirt, in contrast to the eagle wearers, was ready after a free kick and a corner of the corner prior to was likewise in its own. Shirt finished the counterattack. The disillusionment in the ranks of the Hesse was excellent.


It is totally annoying since it was unnecessary. You have to say truthfully: with all regard for the Colognes who did it well, but we decided this game ourselves, slammed sports director Markus Roche.

Glaser: Perfume was better in both penalty areas

Contract's problems were not just restricted to the back team on the early Sunday evening. We were even better in between the penalty locations, but you don't win a video game. Cologne was much better in both penalty areas, summed up coach Oliver Glaser. Randal Solo Mani, Jesper Windstorm and Mario Got did not have the typical accuracy and consistency on the offensive. If you want to score a goal, you need to lock, said Roche, who dealt with the decision habits of his stars. The conclusion was browsed too hardly ever, and the last balls were played frequently. With a bit more concentration, a minimum of one point would have remained in spite of the absence of danger. However, not like that: after a corner ball, Fibril just stopped, let Huber run and suddenly head the ball into the objective. A sleep cap that may not occur at this level. When Frankfurt might be countered after his own corner kick like a trainee team, this likewise uses to the second goal. There was likewise no resistance in the third objective as an outcome of a complimentary kick. After inadequate explanation, the ball landed at Shirt, which Lucas Alaric was just seriously pushed when the stadium director was already hectic taking the goal anthem.

We have physical problems

The requirements, described Glaser, were a strength of Cologne and a weakness of us. We physically have our issues. On the one hand, the 48-year-old is right, Contract has a relatively small group in the league comparison, however on the other hand it is just a part of the truth. It is even more essential in view of the typically physical inability to reveal the absolute will to safeguard such circumstances. But the required mentality keeps leaving the Frankfurters off. Yes, the jumping powerful Time Hubert (1.90 meters) has benefits against Fibril Sow (1.84 meters), however the Swiss did not even attempt to approach the Cologne defender when going into or disrupt the header. When Dacha Ramada Matthias Winter did not even give an escort, the same thing took place in Freiburg practically three weeks back. The data plainly and clearly occupy the weak point. 7 objectives after corners are league low. Supplemented by the goal free of charge kicks (4), through direct free kicks (1) and tosses (1) Contract is at 13 objectives that is also the bottom of the league. Just when the penalty is taken into account did Contract get a goal, back Bochum and Bertha in the total standing over the reigning Europa League champ.

the concern of the learning effect

After the appearance at FC, the video experts are likely to wait overtime. From such a game you can take out many things that you have to deal with where we are not that far, highlighted Roche. The question of the knowing result has been requesting a long period of time: when is it that far?


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