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NFL: Is Aaron Rodgers Staying Or Leaving The Green Bay Packers? All The Latest Rumors Revealed

Barely a day passes without new reports about Aaron Rodgers. If the NFL veteran sticks with the Green Bay Packers, exists a trade or possibly the 39-year-old even stops? These questions are far from being clarified. Now Rodgers himself offers an unexpected upgrade. As usual, the quarterback was a visitor at ex-period Pat McAfee on his program of the exact same name.

There he gave a look behind the scenes of a possible trades: It seems like there are currently conversations in which I am not involved, which is fascinating, stated the game designer. This would support the assumptions that NFL experts have actually been doing for a long time. For instance, NFL-insider Ian Rapport recently said: I believe Green Bay likes what they have about Jordan Love. If you get the right deal, I believe you might do an offer.


Jordan Love was prepared by the Packers in 2020 and has been backup and designated successor to Aaron Rodgers since then. Nevertheless, Rodgers have won two MVP titles because then and has never provided Love the possibility to take control of the helm. Rodgers had actually recently been rather understanding about a possible trade and the resulting takeover of his job by Jordan Love. So he stated, likewise in the Pat McAfee Show: I comprehend that I might have to be open to the chance to play elsewhere if I wish to continue playing. I understand that the packers might desire to rejuvenate in different positions.

Rodgers chooses his possible career

According to his own declaration, Rodgers himself requires a long time to make a decision for himself. Nevertheless, he was confident in a few weeks to decide whether he wishes to continue playing or not. In the previous couple of weeks, numerous declarations by the 39-year-old have shown that it can go in any instructions. At some point the carousel stops turning. Then it's time to get out, said Rodgers, for example, in journalism conference after the last video game. After this game he did not swap his jersey either, since unique jerseys have actually to be kept, according to the quarterback.


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