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SEO Page Title: Patrick Mahomes Seeks Third Super Bowl Title for Kansas City Chiefs in Arizona

When the Superbowl in Arizona begins in the night from Sunday to Monday, Patrick Mahomes will try to lead his Kansas City Chiefs to the 3rd title in the NFL. However, if you believe a curious series, the possibilities of an accomplishment from the AFC are not particularly good. For Patrick Mahomes, things are currently going very. It was just on Thursday that the 27-year-old was awarded the best player in the league at the NFL Formalities. For the quarterback, which was prepared in 2017, it is already the 2nd MVP title after 2018. It is probably not a great omen for the Super Bowl. Since there appears to be a curse on the MVPS that compete in the NFL final shortly after an award.


This millennium, no reigning titleholder has handled to extend the Vince Lombardi Trophy into the sky.

Most just recently, Broncos icon Terrell Davis was successful in the 1998/99 season.

NFL: These stats speaks for the Kansas City Chiefs

Ever since, an overall of nine MVPs have been lost in the Super Bowl and everyone. Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs would like to put an end to this curious series on Monday (00:30 a.m.). In the battle against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Andy Reid group is considered a simple outsider. The chiefs should encourage the chiefs, at least as idiosyncratic statistics. Nine of the last eleven NFL champions used white jerseys in the largest single s event worldwide. The group of the group from the state of Missouri will also wear this color. As a nominal host, the Eagles could have selected white jerseys. But the group from the east of the United States seems to wish to defy the jersey curse: the Eagles selected their green uniforms, with which they currently beat the New England Patriots around Tom Brady in 2018.


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