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Step Right Up! Apex Legends Season 16 Teasers Hint At A Carnival Of Rewards Ahead


It's likewise worth explaining that the poster stated On World's Edge in the bottom-left corner. One could easily take that as a tease for what part of the map swimming pool may appear like in Season 16, though Respawn hasn't said anything about that yet.

Pinnacle Legends Season 16 is just weeks away now, and ahead of that new season, we've begun to get some new teasers for what's to come. These teasers are taking a various sort of method to the seasonal previews, however, with a carnival style obviously afoot. A placeholder for the Season 16 launch trailer has actually already been established, too, with these teasers set to pertain to fruition on February 6th whenever the season's very first trailer debuts.

Quickly later on, another similar poster was shared that focused less on characters and more on creatures and tourist attractions. It promoted all sorts of carnival games like claw devices and ring tosses, but it doesn't look like there's truly any takeaways from it in regard to teasers meaning what's can be found in the next season.

The very first of these teasers was shared on Friday with a number of various characters fitted into a poster for the opening day of the Apex Games Anniversary which probably is a nod to the Apex Legends anniversary event that's coming up quickly. We see Mirage in a lion fit, Gibraltar as a strongman, Pathfinder as an acrobat, and Octane as a Jester. In the poster is Eduardo Silva, Octane's papa and a repeating antagonist within the tradition of Peak Legends.

Apex Legends Season 16 Introduce Trailer

Provided how past seasons have actually gone, it's most likely we'll get 2 trailers: this first one will most likely be more cinematic in nature while the second will focus more heavily on gameplay.

There's the launch trailer for Season 16. While it's not out yet, Respawn has done what it's finished with past seasons and set up a to-be-premiered landing point on YouTube for the brand-new trailer. Respawn stated that Pinnacle gamers can tune into the video game's YouTube channel on February sixth at 10 a.m. PST to see what the launch trailer has in shop.

When Does Peak Legends Season 16 Start?

Respawn has not yet verified a specific start date for Season 16. Judging from the info offered by the present fight pass, nevertheless, the brand-new season ought to begin around February 14th.


Apex Legends Season 16 is just weeks away now, and ahead of that new season, we have actually started to get some brand-new teasers for what's to come. A placeholder for the Season 16 launch trailer has actually currently been set up, too, with these teasers set to come to fruition on February 6th whenever the season's very first trailer debuts.

There's the launch trailer for Season 16. While it's not out yet, Respawn has done what it's done with previous seasons and put up a to-be-premiered landing point on YouTube for the new trailer.

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This seasonal launch trailer ought to offer us the answer to that question, so tune into the premier on Monday to see when Season 16 gets underway.


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