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V.Marcell Jansen Steps Down as Hamburger SV Supervisory Board Boss

Currently, at the basic meeting in January, Jansen had actually taken this enters consideration after he had actually been reassured in his function as Head of state of HSV e.V. after 2 political election applications, now on Monday he took him. As Head of state, he keeps an area in the control body, brand-new employer is his vice from the Presidium with Painful. One point is clear: the withdrawal was not completely volunteer, but likewise at the urging of the investors.


They had already withdrawn the former worldwide in a public declaration as well as in direct exchange in the old year since they had interrupted the closeness as well as organization interdependencies with ex-chair Thomas Mustered. On Monday, all investors unanimously talked out for a new six-member supervisory board as well as a brand-new chairman. For the HSV, this could be the next step in the direction of quickly needed tranquility behind the scenes. The contract expansion of Jonas Bold and also the promo of Finanzboss Dr. Eric Huber had developed clarity at board degree. The withdrawal of the debatable Dealer Diesel from the Supervisory Board last week was an additional. Jansen was just recently voided both in the Presidium and also on the Supervisory Board in important decisions, and the relationship with Bold has likewise been very stressed out. With the decision of Monday, the influence of ex-professional has currently likewise officially went away. 27. February 2023

KM # 163-Horst Brubeck Vol. II

In the brand-new episode Twist fulfills DAZN, there is the second part of the big interview with legend and also ex-U-21 train Horst Brubeck, that in information about the 2016 Olympic experience, late blame Julian Brandt, HSV trainer Tim Walter chats as well as

km # 162-Horst Brubeck Vol. I.


# KM # 161-Gregor Nobel.


# KM # 160-Patrick Swimmer.


# KM # 159-Tom Barrels + Marco Hartmann.

01/30/2023. Spotify Deezer Apple Podcasts Sound Currently. Much more podcasts. According to his appointment, Painful says: It is excellent and vital that we go a community course in which the future of HSV Football AG and the interaction between the association as well as the other shareholders are the focus. The difficulties of the coming months and years to tackle the needed knowledge. And we currently wish to make sure that the sporting location with the core goal continues to be the emphasis and is..


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