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FFXIV Eureka Orthos Boss Guide

Welcome to FFXIV Eureka Orthos Boss Guide! In this guide, LOLTANK Will be covering all of the bosses that you'll face in the new deep dungeon. 

To start off with, we have Ganchana Ganchana. He'll begin the fight with a 4-tariff streak. This will trigger 4 of the adds on the floor to do circle AOEs indicated by the electric effects around them. To avoid this, simply stand by one of the adds not affected by the electric mantra storm. All three columns of adds will have electric effects, so dodge into the first set as it goes off. 

Guide for Ganchana Ganchana Fight:

Ganchana Ganchana will cast Offensive Command. This will tether the boss to dragon adds at the edge of the arena and these adds will do cone AOEs. To avoid this, make sure to find a safe spot between the tethers and be wary that there isn't an add in front of you. You might need to hug one of the adds to avoid getting hit.

After this, Ganchana Ganchana will cast Piercing Laser. This is an avoidable telegraphed straight-line AOE at a random player. Make sure to dodge out of the way of this attack as it deals significant damage.

Auto Relay will tether four adds and then halfway through the cast have another four adds. First, dodge the first four adds to be tethered and then dodge to the second set. This one is fairly intuitive and less annoying than Offensive Command.

Repeat steps 1-3 until Ganchana Ganchana is defeated.

Guide for Tiamat Fight:

Tiamat will begin the fight with Creature of Darkness. This will spawn slow moving heads in a row at the north of the arena with two safe spots. Identify the safe spot and then move towards it. For Dark Worm Wing, the safe spot is in the middle, while for Worm Tail, the safe spot is to the sides.

This ability will also spawn more heads, to avoid Dark Mega Flare. This will spawn multiple circle AOEs around the map with multiple safe spots. After every set of AOEs, her heads will spawn and they will head towards the direction of a random player. Try to bait this to the side and then head towards the opposite side safely.

Throughout the fight, Tiamat will target a random player with a sequence of AOEs. When targeted, try to bait the AOEs to the side and then head towards the opposite side safely.

Repeat steps 1-3 until Tiamat is defeated.

Tuntania Guide:

The fight begins with Twister, which will spawn a small AOE underneath players at the end of the cast. Move at the end of the cast to avoid it, but be careful not to run into other player's twisters when partying.

Miracidian Cyclone will spawn multiple tornado AOEs around the arena that will give a wind damage over time effect if stood in. Avoid them.

Miracidian Squall is a sequence of four baited AOEs on two random players. It's fairly easy to dodge.

Turbine Tuntania will center herself for this cast and when it's finished, will push back all players. Make sure to be pushed into a safe spot where there are no tornadoes.

Twister Primera Guide:

The fight starts with Songs of Thunder and Ice or Songs of Ice and Thunder. It's a sequence of Dragon Voice to Ram's Voice or vice versa. If it's Songs of Thunder and Ice, go in first and then out. If it's Songs of Ice and Thunder, go out first and then in.

For left breath, Cold, go to the boss's left. Alternatively, face the boss and go in the direction of the cast name.

Cold thunder or Thunderous Cult will target a random player with a proximity tether. Drag it to the edge of the arena and pay attention to the cast. If it's called thunder, then it's out after the dash and then in if it's thunderous, cold it's in first and then out.

Cacophony will tether two players with a thunder orb, which must be kited, although explode in a small radius for high damage and give any players hit by it a perilous.


Cacophony is the fourth boss in the Castrum Marinum dungeon. This fight involves kiting thunder orbs and avoiding cleaves from the Minotaur. Here's what you need to know:

Cacophony will tether two players with a thunder orb. These players must kite the orb away from the group, as it will explode in a small radius for high damage and give any players hit by it a perilous debuff.

The Minotaur will first cast Uptop Swipe. This will cleave all four cardinal directions twice over. For each set of four cleaves, he only has two patterns: either north south right left or left right south and north. The first cleave is always the opposite direction of the second cleave, so if it's north south right left, the first cleave will be north and the second will be south. Memorize this pattern and you won't get hit.


Charybdis is the final boss in the Castrum Marinum dungeon. This fight involves avoiding AOEs and managing a debuff that increases damage taken. Here's what you need to know:

Charybdis will begin the fight with an unavoidable raid-wide called Soul of the Abyss. This will give players a debuff that will increase damage taken from the boss's future AOEs.

He'll then cast Inhale or Exhale, both of which are avoidable telegraphed circle AOEs. Inhale will pull players into the center and Exhale will push them out.

After this, he'll cast Watery Grave. This is a water donut AOE that will spawn around the boss at the end of the cast. To avoid this, simply go to the edge of the donut.

He'll then cast either Maelstrom or Whirlpool. Maelstrom will target the player with the highest aggro and Whirlpool will target a random player. Both of these are easily avoidable, but make sure not to get hit by both of them in the same cast.LOLTANK


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