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Guild Wars 2 Guides: Gyala Delve Meta Event Rewards

World Polish has made a number of changes to the Guild Wars 2 Gyala Delve meta-event rewards system. The daily cap on Jade Miner's Key Cards has been removed, meaning that after obtaining a large number of key cards their drop rate will be reduced for the day. 

Advance Outcasts Mining Caches

Advance Outcasts Mining Caches no longer require key cards to open and only spawn for meta events. Boss fight Ancient Outcast Mining Caches from the post-boss champion events have also been replaced with standard Gyala Delve Mining Caches. The key card exchange service prices have also been reduced by up to 50%, making it potentially worth exchanging key cards. As a result of removing the key card cap, Mining Cash contents have been adjusted.

Champion Twisted Skelks 

Other changes include the mark of pain condition icon used by the champion Twisted Skelks in Gyala Delve, the availability marker for Nazomi's achievement, open world story dialogue for What Lies Beneath and Allied NPCs remaining in the Behemoth's Gap after it is claimed by hostile forces. The Behemoth's Gap Base and J-Pillar Base can no longer be upgraded once players have progressed to the defend the Ravenous Wonder of it event, and enemies defeated markers no longer stay when defending the bases in Gyala Delve.

Chromium Embedded Framework

Chromium Embedded Framework has replaced Coherent UI to power web-based interfaces like the launcher and the trading post. Items with selectable attributes, such as Dragon and Ritualist stats, can now appear on Raid and Fractal equipment. Issues have also been fixed in the Deep Trouble story instance, the ongoing Investigations: The Jade Brotherhood requirement text, Spell Decals in a Hall of Chains, Suwon's Defiance Bar and Dragon and Ritualist stats appearing as options on equipment.

Elementalist skill Dragon's Tooth

The Elementalist skill Dragon's Tooth has had its power coefficient reduced from 1.5 to 1.3. The Black Lion rewards are also currently available at the Lions Arch Trading Post, and include statuettes and other rewards normally obtained from opening chests.


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