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Path of Exile: Demonstrating the Lightning Conduit Elementalist Build

Welcome back, everyone! Now that you know the basics of the Lightning Conduit Elementalist build, let's walk through the gameplay demonstration and see how this build fares in the Path of Exile.

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The Elementalist build utilizes a unique combination of skills to maximize its damage potential. The main damage dealer is Lightning Conduit, which is a channeled spell. This spell requires you to channel it for a certain amount of time, and while channeling, it will continually deal lightning damage and apply shock to all enemies in the range of the channel. To apply shocks, we'll also be using a secondary skill called Orb of Storms. This skill will continuously apply shocks to enemies so that when Lightning Conduit is channeled, it will deal more damage.

The build also has some high movement speed to get around the map quickly and to keep enemies in range of our spells. The Ascendancy choices are also important, as they provide a substantial amount of damage and survivability. We're using Shaper of Storms for the chance to shock, Mastermind of Discord for lightning exposure, Heart of Destruction for increased AoE damage, and Shaper of Winter for extra utility and damage.

we can see how the build performs against end-game content. The build has great clear speed and can take down bosses quite quickly with its combination of skills. We also have some survivability with the high life pool and the ability to dodge and move around quickly.

Overall, the Lightning Conduit Elementalist build is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and budget-friendly build. We hope you enjoyed this demonstration, and we wish you luck on your Path of Exile journey!


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