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Farming Poe Currency with Blueprint Maps Guides

With this strategy in future blueprint wings. It's important to note that the results may vary and depend on various factors such as the specific blueprint, the trinket's effect, and RNG. However, based on our experience, this method has shown promising results.

Acquire a divine trinket

Obtain a divine trinket with the ability to transform chaos orbs into divine orbs. This trinket plays a crucial role in increasing the chances of obtaining divine orbs from currency chests in Heist encounters.

Obtain blueprints

Gather a collection of blueprints, preferably ones that contain multiple currency rooms. The more currency rooms a blueprint has, the better your chances of obtaining valuable drops.

Prepare the blueprint wing

Choose a blueprint with multiple currency chests and an appealing layout. Set up the blueprint by revealing all the currency rooms and ensuring you have the necessary resources, such as rogue markers, to uncover additional rooms if needed.

Open the currency chests

Run the prepared blueprint wing and open all the Poe currency chests. Keep an eye out for any divine orbs dropping directly from the chests. Additionally, defeat larger groups of enemies as they may drop chaos orbs, which can be transformed into divine orbs using the trinket.

Explore curio rooms

After opening the currency chests, proceed to explore any curio rooms available in the blueprint wing. While these rooms may not directly contribute to obtaining divine orbs, they can provide additional loot and rewards.

Evaluate the results

Once the blueprint wing is complete, evaluate the results. Take note of any divine orbs obtained, both from the currency chests and any other sources. Consider the overall value of the drops and compare it to the initial investment made in preparing the blueprint wing.

Remember that this method is not guaranteed to provide divine orbs every time, as it heavily relies on RNG. However, based on the results we obtained, it has proven to be a profitable strategy. Experiment with different blueprint wings, trinkets, and approaches to optimize your chances of obtaining divine orbs.


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