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OSRS Bounty Hunter Guide: Mastering the New Update

Three years ago, Jagex made the decision to close down Old School Runescape Bounty Hunter due to poor design that heavily favored gold farmers. This resulted in thousands of PKers quitting the game. However, the long-awaited revival of Bounty Hunter is finally here, and we couldn't be more excited. In this guide, we'll share our experiences and strategies for successful PKing in the new Bounty Hunter update

Preparing for the Update

We start by gathering at the Fair Oaks Enclave, eagerly awaiting the update. As the countdown reaches its final moments, we can't help but admire the beauty of the new Bounty Hunter. Once geared up and ready, we enter the arena and are instantly transported to one of many spawn locations.

Exploring the New Bounty Hunter

In our first few encounters, we score a beautiful kill on our target, earning an esoteric emblem. These emblems can be upgraded ten times by killing targets within Bounty Hunter. The Video of Lethal Strikes (VLS) proves to be an incredibly potent weapon, granting us multiple successful kills. With each kill, our emblems and loot grow, making for an exhilarating experience.

Taking Advantage of Rushers

We notice that many players rush those who have just entered the crater. Curious about this behavior, we decide to test it out ourselves. The results are astounding as we successfully eliminate these rushers and claim their loot. This playstyle focuses more on acquiring emblems than looting, but stumbling upon a two-million-gold loot key is always a welcome surprise.

Utilizing the Powerful Weapons

Equipped with the Vista Longsword, a weapon previously rendered useless for the past three years, we wreak havoc on our opponents. The sword proves its worth as we secure impressive kills, including one where our target narrowly escapes with low health. Despite the occasional disappointment of hitting a zero, the Vista Longsword helps us build up our emblem tiers and accumulate valuable loot.

Exploiting the Barrier Mechanics

Bounty Hunter introduces a 30-second timer that prevents players from leaving once they've attacked someone. We notice that many rushers, spectators, and recently spectated players get trapped behind this barrier. Taking advantage of this, we engage and eliminate these vulnerable targets, often finding them equipped with valuable gear. The thrill of claiming their items and the occasional unexpected loot brings us great satisfaction.

Chasing High-Value Targets

Our journey takes an exciting turn when we encounter high-risk/high-reward targets. We engage in intense battles, sometimes even risking our own gear. With some victories and occasional losses, we amass an impressive amount of loot, including valuable items like the Abyssal Dagger and AGS. Each successful kill adds to our growing wealth.


Despite enduring a few deaths along the way, we've had an incredibly lucrative and exhilarating experience in the new Bounty Hunter. Our adventures have led us to accumulate an estimated 436 million OSRS GP in loot. We hope this guide has provided you with insights, strategies, and inspiration for your own Bounty Hunter endeavors.


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