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Unveiling the Game-Breaking Combat Training Method in Old School RuneScape

With the recent release of the third Old School RuneScape raid, an astonishing combat training method has emerged, revolutionizing the way players can gain experience. This newfound technique allows for an astounding 1.7 million Attack experiences per hour. The community is abuzz with discussions about the damage experience multiplier on Zebak, a formidable crocodile boss located in the Tombs of Amascut. This article delves into the intricacies of this method and explores the opinions surrounding its impact on the game.

The Zebak Method: Unleashing Unprecedented Combat XP

For those unaware, the Zebak Method involves leveraging the team scaling mechanics in expert-level raids to maximize combat experience gains. Seasoned raid enthusiasts have devised a complex strategy utilizing alternate accounts to perform special attack transfers to their main accounts. By executing non-stop special attacks on Zebak, players can acquire significantly more experience than what was previously attainable with methods like using chinchompas in the Monkey Madness II tunnels or melee techniques in the Nightmare Zone.

The Debate: Nerf or Natural Balance?

The revelation of this multiplied experience gain has ignited a heated debate within the high-level community. Some argue that this unprecedented XP gain should be nerfed due to its potentially game-breaking implications. They argue that the XP multiplier on Zebak becomes excessively high at higher levels, allowing players to achieve over four million Attack experiences in a single day. On the other hand, proponents of the method contend that the level of coordination and effort required to execute this technique balances out its impact on the game.

The Call for Change

While the Zebak Method continues to generate incredible combat experience gains, the discussion regarding its future in the game persists. Many players advocate for a nerf to the XP multiplier, citing concerns about the method's exploitability and the astronomical rates at higher levels. Those who favor a Nerf argue that the normal Tombs of Amascut runs already offer substantial experience gains, even without employing this technique.

Looking Ahead: Evaluating XP Gains for Future Content

As the community awaits the routine check in two years, it presents an opportunity to reflect on the complexities of the Zebak Method. Should this type of extreme experience gain be carefully considered for all future content, taking into account the potential impact on the game's balance and progression?


The discovery of the Zebak Method has shaken the Old School RuneScape community, opening up new possibilities for combat training and experience gains. While opinions vary on whether the method should be nerfed or considered a natural balance within the game, players eagerly await the future direction of combat training and the potential impact on future content. With exciting updates on the horizon, the world of RuneScape continues to evolve, promising thrilling adventures and challenges for all players.


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