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Diablo 4 Guide: Hotfixes, Elite Dungeons, and Exploits

In this Diablo 4 guide, we'll explore the latest hotfix, delve into elite dungeons, and uncover an exploit that can help you maximize your experience points (XP) and Diablo 4 Gold. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a new player, these tips and tricks will enhance your gameplay. Let's dive right in!

Hotfix 8 June 11, 2023 - Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

The recent hotfix, version 1.0.2, addressed various bugs and adjusted the game. Notably, the Creator in the Capstone dungeon no longer disappears, resolving a frustrating issue. Additionally, elite monster rates in dungeons have been adjusted, potentially reducing their frequency. However, fear not, as the method we'll discuss shortly will still provide significant benefits.

Optimizing XP Gain:

Before we jump into the dungeon, let's cover an essential aspect of maximizing XP gain: elixirs. Visit the nearest potion vendor and stock up on elixirs. Weak potions offer a 3% XP boost, while more vital potions provide a 5% XP buff. Choose elixirs that offer resistance or increased armour, which can provide additional benefits during your adventures.

No Banwave for Exploits:

It's worth mentioning that the recent patch notes didn't mention a ban wave. If there were any exploitative techniques shown previously, they are unlikely to result in a ban. So, feel free to utilize the exploit we'll discuss later in this article.

Exploring the Elite Dungeon:

Head towards the Hungarian-named dungeon, which translates to "You Win." Start by progressing to the left side of the map, exiting the town, and reaching the specific dungeon entrance. Please note that this portion isn't the exploit but rather an excellent dungeon worth exploring on its own merits.

Inside the dungeon, you'll encounter hordes of enemies rushing towards you. Take them out, especially if you're on World Tier 4, as it grants extra XP. This dungeon, in particular, is highly recommended, and you can level up quickly by repeating it. In just one run, I levelled up once and earned a Paragon point. By repeating this process a few more times, you can easily complete a whole level within approximately 30 minutes.

Maximizing Dungeon Runs:

To speed up your progress, use elixirs for additional XP boosts. If you have friends nearby, invite them to join you in clearing the dungeon together, mainly if they are on World Tier 4. Cooperation amplifies the benefits, leading to faster levelling. Remember to adapt your build to suit the freezing enemies to survive easily.

Resetting the Dungeon:

If you wish to repeat the dungeon without progressing further, here's what you can do: open the emote wheel and equip the "leave dungeon" option. If you don't have this option, you can return to the menu or map and leave the dungeon. Once you're outside the dungeon, tap "T" to teleport back to town (on the console, it's d-pad down). Now, recycle some items, return to the teleporter, and you'll notice that the dungeon has completely reset. Repeat this process to continue gaining XP and loot efficiently.

The Hell Tides Exploit:

Now, let's discuss the "Hell Tides" glitch, which can be considered an exploit. This technique takes advantage of event resets to gather a multitude of "senders" (items) and acquire extra XP. Look for events involving wave completion, freeing captives, or destroying structures. Once you complete the event, pick up the items, including Opals.

Next, press "T" to teleport back to town (or d-pad down on the console) and return to the teleporter. Upon spawning back into town, wait for the load screen to appear and disappear. When the load screen finishes, you'll notice that the event has reset. Take this opportunity to collect more senders, earn additional XP, and reap the rewards.


In today's Diablo 4 guide, we've covered the latest hotfix, discussed a fantastic dungeon for efficient levelling, and explored an exploit known as the "Hell Tides" glitch. Use elixirs to boost your XP gain and customize your build for optimal performance. Whether you farm dungeons or take advantage of the exploit, enjoy the adventure with friends for enhanced rewards. 


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