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Diablo 4 Guide: Recent Updates, Legendary Disabling, and More

Diablo 4 has been released for early access, and players have been diving into Sanctuary's dark and treacherous world. In the past week and a half, significant balance patches, hotfixes, and a few changes have affected gameplay. This guide will provide an overview of recent updates, including disabling specific legendary effects, player bans, and other vital information to help you navigate Diablo 4 effectively.

Disabling Legendary Effects:

A recent development in Diablo 4 involves the disabling of two specific legendaries: Edgemaster Aspect and Aspect of Berserk Ripping. These legendaries have been temporarily removed from the game due to potential exploits. While the legendaries may still drop and display their effects, they currently do not function. This decision has affected various builds and playstyles, causing disappointment among players. It's important to note that these legendaries will be reactivated in the future, so keeping them aside for now, is recommended.

Handling Exploits and Lack of In-Game Communication:

The removal of the legendaries above raises concerns about how Blizzard has handled the situation. Players are disappointed over the lack of in-game communication regarding disabled items or effects. Without following social media updates or forums, players may unknowingly continue using these legendaries, resulting in a weakened gameplay experience. It is crucial for developers to either address these issues faster or provide in-game notifications when items or effects are temporarily disabled.

Recent Hotfixes and Bug Fixes:

In addition to the legendary disabling, Blizzard has released several hotfixes for both PC and console versions of Diablo 4. These updates mainly focus on resolving bugs, improving stability, and maintaining a balanced gameplay experience. While not affecting the overall game balance or loot caves, these hotfixes aim to enhance the game's overall quality.

World Boss Bug and Level Scaling:

Despite the hotfixes, there are still issues that need attention. The increased level range for World Tier 3 and 4 inadvertently affected World bosses, limiting their spawn levels to 90 in World Tier 4. Previously, players could encounter World bosses at lower levels, which aligned better with their progression. Killing a level 90 World boss when you're only level 70 may grant a grand cache of legendaries, but it cannot be opened until level 80. Once this issue is resolved, tackling World bosses on World Tier 3 is advisable to avoid encountering unopenable caches.

Developer Insights and Future Updates:

Rod Ferguson, General Manager for Diablo, has shared some insights regarding future changes. One of the issues highlighted is unlocking the occultist class, which currently requires reaching level 25 even if you skip the campaign on alts. The team is exploring alternative solutions for adults to use legendaries that don't drop until later grades. Additionally, the overpowering visual effects of Necromancer Shadow Corpse Explosion are being addressed and are expected to be part of the next major patch.

Player Bans and Third-Party Add-Ons:

Blizzard has taken a firm stance against gold selling and trading-related exploits. Players have been banned for excessive item rerolling, receiving large amounts of gold from friends, or using third-party add-ons. It's crucial to be cautious while trading with friends or using any external programs that affect gameplay. Blizzard aims to maintain a healthy community and prevent gold selling from becoming a widespread issue in the game.

Maximizing Experience Gain:

Understanding the various experience bonuses and scaling mechanisms can be advantageous for players looking to level up quickly. This guide provides a breakdown of the different methods to increase experience gain, such as elixirs, grouping with other players, finding bonfires, and utilizing world tiers. It also explains how to experience scales based on level differences between the player and enemies.


As Diablo 4 continues to evolve, it's essential to stay informed about the recent updates, temporary disabling of legendary effects, and potential issues within the game. Blizzard's ongoing efforts to address exploits, improve stability, and enhance gameplay are commendable. By staying updated and avoiding actions that may lead to bans, players can ensure a healthy and enjoyable experience in the dark world of Diablo 4.


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