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Diablo 4 Guide: Targeted Farming for Specific Gear

Have you been farming gear incorrectly in Diablo 4? There is a more efficient way to obtain the specific gear you desire. In this guide, we will explore the concept of targeted farming, where you focus on specific enemy types with an increased drop rate for certain gear slots. By understanding which enemy types drop specific items more frequently, you can optimize your farming runs and increase your chances of finding the desired gear.

One crucial aspect to note is that every enemy type in Diablo 4 has boosted drop chances for specific items. These enemies are approximately five times more likely to drop those items than any other enemy type. This means you can strategically target dungeons with a higher density of these specific enemies to increase your chances of obtaining the desired gear.

Let's dive into the different enemy types and their associated enhanced drop rates:


Bandits have a five times increased drop rate for daggers and one-handed maces. If you are after these specific items, hunting down Bandits should be your priority. Nightmare dungeons like Mallwood and Renegades Retreat are excellent places to farm Bandits for these gear types.


Beasts, including big tree enemies, bears, thorned beasts, charging boars, werewolves, and wards, have a five times increased drop rate for chest pieces, crossbows, and one-handed swords. Alderwood is the best nightmare dungeon to farm for Beast-type enemies.


Cannibals have a five times increased drop rate for two-handed axes, one-handed axes, and helmets. The Earthen Wound nightmare dungeon is the most suitable place to farm cannibals, although Gulron Slums also has them.


Cultists have a five times increased drop rate for daggers and helmets. Cultist Refuge in the Fractured Peaks is the ideal nightmare dungeon for farming cultists and obtaining these gear types.


Drowned enemies have a five times increased drop rate for sides (for Necromancers), two-handed maces, pants, and boots. Unfortunately, there is no nightmare dungeon specifically tailored for farming the drowned enemy type. Stick to overworld content or standard normal dungeons, with Ruins of Air being a good option.


Fallen enemies, the impish demons found throughout the game, have a five times increased drop rate for one-handed axes and staves. Demon's Wake is the best nightmare dungeon for farming Fallen enemies.


Ghosts have a five times increased drop rate for bows and wands. Earth and Wound and Lost Archives are the recommended nightmare dungeons for farming ghost enemies.

Goat Men:

Goat Men have a five times increased drop rate for two-handed axes, one-handed axes, two-handed staves (specifically for Druids), and totems (specifically for Druids). Champion's Demise is the nightmare dungeon where you can find dense packs of goat men.


Skeletons have a five times increased drop rate for crossbows, shields, and one-handed swords. Black Asylum and Cordragon Barracks are nightmare dungeons where you can encounter skeleton enemies.


Snakes and serpentine enemies have a five times increased drop rate for two-handed polearms and one-handed swords. The Serpent's Lair and Witchwater are the nightmare dungeons with the highest density of snake enemies.


Spiders, including regular spiders and the exploding spider houses, have a five times increased drop rate for chest pieces, focuses (for sorcerers and necromancers), gloves, and two-handed swords.


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