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Path of Exile Guide: Leveling Up Your Dancing Dervish Occultist

Are you seeking a relaxed and enjoyable levelling experience in Path of Exile? Look no further! This guide will discuss levelling up a Dancing Dervish Occultist build and provide tips to help you progress smoothly. Whether you're a casual player or eagerly awaiting the new league, this guide will assist you in reaching at least red Maps with your character. 

1. Taking It Slow and Enjoying the Journey

One of the critical aspects of this levelling experience is embracing a relaxed playstyle. Take your time to fully explore each area, clearing out every pack of monsters you come across. Allow yourself to indulge in the game's nostalgia, reminiscing about after-school events and the peaceful ambience of empty classrooms. Adopting this mindset allows you to find a sense of catharsis and truly enjoy your Path of Exile adventure.

2. Choosing Your Path: Occultist and Cold Damage

We will utilise the Occultist ascendancy for this build and focus on cold damage. While levelling, you may use alternative skills before transitioning to your preferred playstyle. In the case of the author, they used Cold Damage skills initially but intended to switch to a cold-focused setup later. This allowed them to progress comfortably through the early levels while working towards their end-game build.

3. Leveling Challenges and Milestones

Levelling can sometimes be challenging, but don't worry—everyone goes through it. Remember that this phase may not optimise your gear and skill tree. Focus on reaching level 68 and obtaining the necessary skill gems and passive nodes to support your build. Mana sustain might be an issue initially, but you'll find better gear and passive skills to improve your mana regeneration as you progress.

4. Minion Speed and Stygian Vise

Minion speed is crucial for the effectiveness of your minions. To obtain this stat, you may try your luck by gambling with Stygian Vises, a type of belt with a unique socket that can enhance your minions' movement speed. If you're fortunate enough to acquire one, it can greatly improve your gameplay experience.

5. Temple Exploration and Loot

Once you reach Maps, the real adventure begins. Delve into the temple encounters, where you can stumble upon valuable rooms with ghosts, corruption, and unique items. Keep an eye out for the Sadist room, as it offers fantastic rewards for those playing in the Ritual league. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the unpredictable nature of the temple encounters.

6. Experimenting with Skills and Ascendancy

While Cyclone can serve as a reliable skill for your build, don't be afraid to experiment with other abilities to trigger your Dancing Dervish and support gems. Frost Bolt and Ice Nova are great alternatives that can enhance your playstyle and offer a different flavor to your build. Find what suits your preferences and play around with various combinations to maximize your character's potential.

7. Progressing through the Maps

As you progress through the Maps, ensure that your gear is up to par. Although the author mentioned having suboptimal gear in some areas, they highlight the significance of having an "Ashes of the Stars" item, which adds considerable power to the build. Remember that, due to the unique nature of this build, you won't be able to equip a weapon or offhand item, limiting your gear options.

8. Leveling Efficiency and Future Plans

By following the leveling tips and strategies provided, you should be able to reach Tier 10 Maps comfortably. The author emphasizes that leveling up provides a satisfying sense of progression, enhancing your character's power as you go along. While they haven't yet provided a complete build guide.

In conclusion, playing a Dancing Dervish Occultist build can be a delightful experience in Path of Exile. Embrace the relaxed leveling process, experiment with different skills, and relish the satisfaction of seeing your character grow in power


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