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Path of Exile Guide: The Quill Rain Bug and Exploit (Patched)

In Path of Exile, there was a bug or exploit that allowed players to obtain free Abyssal sockets in weapons and boots. While this bug has been patched out of the game, we wanted to showcase how it worked and share some insights. Please note that sharing exploits is not encouraged, and we are only discussing it now that it is no longer possible to exploit. This guide will provide a summary of the bug and how it was used to create powerful items like the Quill Rain.


Before we proceed, it's important to mention that the bug we're discussing in this article has already been fixed. We are sharing this information purely for educational purposes and to provide insights into game mechanics. Exploiting game bugs can lead to account bans, and it's always advisable to play the game fairly and within the developer's guidelines.

The Exploit:

The bug involved obtaining Abyssal sockets on items without using a suffix slot, which was unintended. Normally, Abyssal sockets are acquired through Hollow fossils or other means but occupy a suffix slot. However, some players discovered a way to bypass this limitation and keep the Abyssal socket while not using the suffix modifier.

The Process:

To replicate this exploit, players needed to follow specific steps. The arrticle, which we won't be sharing, demonstrated the process more clearly. However, we'll outline the general steps involved:

Acquiring Boots: Roll a pair of boots with movement speed and an Abyssal socket. This can be done using Hollow fossils or other suitable methods.

Movement Speed Vendor Recipe: Use a pair of boots with movement speed, an Over Augmentation, and a Quicksilver Flask to perform the movement speed vendor recipe. This results in a clean pair of boots with an Abyssal socket.

Crafting the Weapon: Similar to the boots, obtain a weapon with the desired properties and an Abyssal socket using Hollow fossils.

Weapon Vendor Recipe: Sell the crafted weapon along with a Magic or Rare Rustic Sash and a Blacksmith's Whetstone to the vendor. This will return the weapon with the Abyssal socket intact.

Functionality and Implications:

The exploited Abyssal sockets were fully functional, not just visual bugs. These sockets provided additional modifiers and enhanced the power of the items they were applied to. However, due to the unintended nature of this bug, it was necessary for the developers to patch it out of the game to maintain balance and fair gameplay.


While the bug we discussed allowed for the creation of powerful items with free Abyssal sockets, it's important to play the game fairly and avoid exploiting bugs for personal gain. We shared this information to shed light on a past issue in Path of Exile and to promote fair gameplay. Always abide by the rules and guidelines provided by the game developers to ensure an enjoyable and balanced experience.


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