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Runescape Elder Rune Smithing Guide - A Profitable Smithing Method

Welcome to Artisan's Workshop! This money-making guide will explore a profitable method of making money through the Smithing skill. While many Smithing updates and guides have focused on smelting and forging for profit, the Artist's Workshop introduces another lucrative money-making method: Elder Rune Smithing. Not only can you profit from training the skill, but crafting Elder Rune armor also yields substantial profits. In this guide, we will start from level one and take you through the process of creating Elder Rune platelegs, which can net you around 4.4 million gold per hour.


Smithing level: 90+

Superheat Form prayer from the Plague's End quest

Crystal armor with the Tinker and Rapid perks

Powerburst of Masterstroke for a boost in productivity

Getting Started:

Before we begin, let's gather a few items that will enhance your experience and make the process smoother:

Superheat Form prayer: This will transform your Smithing experience and provide significant benefits.

Dungeoneering coal furnace (optional): Place this item in your window to help maintain the temperature of your materials, ensuring they don't drop below 50 heat. This is useful for an AFK approach.

Powerbursts: Use them wisely to speed up the process.

Wiki: Refer to the RuneScape Wiki for up-to-date information on the best items to craft for maximum profit.

Smithing Elder Rune Platelegs:

Start the project and gather the necessary materials. Currently, Elder Rune bars cost around 100,000 gold each.

Use the Superheat Form prayer and Crystal armor with Tinker and Rapid perks to optimize your production.

Create the Elder Rune platelegs from scratch, starting from the base level and upgrading them to level five.

Once the first set of Elder Rune platelegs is completed, please return to the forge, reheat them, and prepare for the next phase.

Keep repeating the process, upgrading the platelegs and ensuring your heat level stays above 50 for optimal speed.

During a bonus XP weekend, plus-four Elder Rune platelegs can be sold at a higher price due to players seeking quick Smithing XP. However, for day-to-day Smithing, it is recommended to sell the base level platelegs up to level five.

Maximizing Profit:

Utilize the RuneScape Wiki's profit page for Elder Rune items to stay updated on the best profit margins.

Elder Rune platelegs are among the most profitable items to Smith, followed by four Helms.

Platebodies may provide better XP per hour but lower profit margins.

Consider using additional items such as Perfect Juju Potions for extra XP and benefits, Smithing Cape, Hammers (especially augmented ones), Auto Heaters (normal or advanced), Scrimshaw of Efficiency, Blacksmith's Hat, and Blacksmith's set for bonus XP.

If you have access to Elite or Varrock armor, use them for quicker progress.

Perform Smithing in a highly populated world or the Artisan's Workshop world to benefit from core boosts and Illumination flowing through the forges.


Smithing has evolved from being an expensive skill to one that can yield profits comparable to Gathering skills. Elder Rune Smithing, in particular, stands out as a highly profitable method. By following this guide, you can efficiently craft Elder Rune platelegs, making around 4.4 million gold per hour. 


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