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The Insane Woodcutting Journey: A RuneScape Gold-Making Adventure

Embarking on a personal challenge to test the limits of his determination and patience, a dedicated RuneScape player spent over a thousand hours focused on a single skill—woodcutting. The objective was to achieve level 120 from level 103 and explore how much gold could be earned without utilizing bonus experience. This article dives deep into the arduous journey, revealing astonishing results, unexpected discoveries, and a staggering wealth accumulation. Brace yourself for a tale of dedication and perseverance in the world of Gielinor.

The Long Haul:

Spanning an impressive 40 weeks, the journey from level 103 to 120 woodcutting yielded a remarkable total of 84,904,600 experience points. This translates to an average of 2.1 million experiences gained each week, highlighting the laborious nature of the endeavour. It is important to note that although some bonus experience was occasionally utilized during Yak Track events and double XP weekends, the focus remained on regular training, disregarding these opportunities for faster progression.

The Trove Tally:

At the end of each week, the woodcutter diligently opened between 200 and 400 troves. By meticulously price-checking the contents, an accurate monetary evaluation was obtained. The combined value of all troves over the 40 weeks amounted to a staggering 4,121M Runescape gold pieces. It is worth mentioning that a portion of this wealth was reinvested in Porters, estimated at around 121 million gold pieces. Consequently, the net profit stood at an astounding 4 billion gold pieces.

Breakdown of Trove Items:

To comprehend the extent of the wealth amassed, it is crucial to delve into the various items acquired throughout this epic woodcutting journey. Here is a breakdown of some notable findings:

Potions: Notable potions obtained include 5,472 extreme magic, 4,848 extreme range, 5,520 super attack, and 4,032 super restore potions.

Salvages: Salvages collected consisted of 1,304 large runes blunt, 1,386 large plate rune, and 662 medium blade oil talcum.

Miscellaneous Items: Some notable miscellaneous items obtained include 352 golden dragon fruit seeds, 2,273 stink-shroom spores, 4,550 uncut dragon stones, 16,040 mahogany planks, 14,540 soul runes, 8,880 royal dragon leathers, 6,885 dragonkin bones, 8,480 battle staffs, 2,790 hydroxy bolt tips, and 130 uncut onyxes.

Other Treasures: Additional items obtained included 1,565 wine of Saradomin, 963 fragments of the Pernix quiver, and 386 manuscripts of Bic.

Coins: A whopping 69,650,000 gold pieces were collected solely from the troves, underscoring the significant financial gains from this endeavor.

Secondary Gains:

Apart from the troves, the woodcutter also ventured into offhand skilling, collecting fungus from trees and splintering arrowheads. The combined value of these secondary items totalled an impressive 355 million gold pieces.

The Final Verdict:

After over a thousand hours of focused woodcutting, the ambitious adventurer emerged with 4,121,605,669 gold pieces. This extraordinary profit was achieved with an estimated average of 3 to 4 million gold pieces per hour. However, it is crucial to recognize that this method was not designed for maximum efficiency but rather as a personal side quest.


Undertaking the 120 woodcutting challenge without relying on bonus experience led to unexpected riches and an invaluable experience for the intrepid woodcutter. While this method may not be the most efficient for achieving 120 woodcutting, it is a testament to the boundless possibilities and personal goals one can set in RuneScape. With future adventures on the horizon, the woodcutter ponders new challenges and eagerly awaits the next chapter of their RuneScape journey.


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