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Exploring Path of Exile End of League Interim and Unique Mechanics

In this article, we'll cover some exciting updates and explore alternative activities during the end of the league interim. While the focus for Grinding Gear Games (GGG) currently revolves around ExileCon, Path of Exile 2, and the upcoming 3.22 update, we've received confirmation that there won't be any official July events. This decision allows GGG to concentrate their efforts on these crucial projects to ensure a smoother release.

No July Events:

Due to the prioritization of major updates, such as ExileCon, Path of Exile 2, and the 3.22 release, GGG has chosen not to host any July events. This means that we won't see repeats of events like Endless Delve or experimental events like those held in March. GGG wants to avoid potential issues where dedicating resources to such events might result in problems with the 3.22 release. Consequently, there won't be any official end-of-league events for The Crucible expansion.

Exploring Unique Mechanics:

During this end-of-league period, if you're looking for Path of Exile-related activities, there are several interesting mechanics worth exploring. Although these mechanics may not be available in the next league, they provide fresh and unique gameplay experiences. Let's delve into a couple of examples:

Crucible Trades and Fifth Mods:

The fifth column mods on Crucible Trays offer intriguing effects that encourage novel build approaches. One such example is the mod that grants "poisons inflicted by Sunder or Ground Slam on non-poison enemies deal 600% increased damage." While it may not have a profound impact on the meta, it introduces fresh and different playstyles. This mechanic allows you to experiment with poison-based builds in unique ways.

Crucible Mod - Trigger Icenova:

Another fascinating mechanic found on Crucible Trays is the mod that triggers a level 20 Icenova from the final burst location of Glacial Cascades that you cast. It's important to note that this requires you to cast Glacial Cascade manually, as it won't work with mines or traps. Although this mechanic may not be considered exceptionally powerful, it offers a new and distinct approach to gameplay. Trying out this mechanic could provide an enjoyable and experimental experience as you discover alternative ways to utilize skills.

Alternative Activities:

If Path of Exile isn't your sole focus during the interim, there's always the option to explore other games on your to-be-played list. However, if you prefer to stay within the Path of Exile universe, experimenting with the aforementioned mechanics can provide a fresh experience. Remember, it's not about pursuing the most optimal strategies, but rather embracing the opportunity to try something different and potentially uncover enjoyable and surprising results.


As we await further announcements, including the release date for the 3.22 update at ExileCon, the focus of Grinding Gear Games remains on critical projects like ExileCon and Path of Exile 2. Consequently, there won't be any official July events, allowing the team to allocate resources efficiently. During the end-of-league interim, explore the unique mechanics present in The Crucible expansion, such as intriguing fifth mods on Crucible Trays. Engaging with these mechanics offers a chance to experiment with fresh and distinct gameplay styles. Alternatively, you can explore other games on your to-be-played list while you eagerly anticipate the upcoming developments in the world of Path of Exile. 


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