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Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.2 Guide: Unexpected Buffs, Bug Fixes, and Undocumented Changes

Diablo 4 players were anticipating a new patch, and while the preliminary patch notes appeared fairly tame, the actual update brought unexpected changes. This article will delve into the main highlights of patch 1.1.2, discuss the surprising undocumented buffs, and touch on recent server-side shutdowns that added a touch of irony to the game's mechanics.

Upcoming Patch and Known Issues

Before diving into the details of patch 1.1.2, it's worth noting that another patch is already in the works for the next couple of weeks. Adam Fletcher, the global community development director, addressed a bug involving the Druid Spirit offerings not dropping for certain players. This issue significantly impacted their class mechanics, but Fletcher assured that the fix would be included in patch 1.1.3. While the specifics of the upcoming patch remain unclear, players can expect it soon.

Patch 1.1.2 Highlights

Patch 1.1.2 brought several noteworthy changes, starting with gameplay updates. One of the most important changes was the reduction of malignant monster respawn time from 5 seconds to just 2 seconds. While some players might wish for an even quicker respawn, this change is definitely a step in the right direction.

Another significant change was that players are now automatically added to the trade channel by default. This move, albeit amusing, occurred while the trading mechanic itself was temporarily disabled due to an item and gold duplication exploit. The development team acted swiftly, re-enabling trading a few hours after the patch's release, but the timing added an ironic twist to the situation.

Bug Fixes and Undocumented Changes

The patch notes included numerous general bug fixes, addressing issues like nightmare resets, quest problems, and UI glitches. However, the most exciting discovery was the undocumented change to item enchanting costs. Players noticed that enchanting new items seemed to have lower costs across the board, potentially up to a 40% reduction in the cost per reroll. This significant shift, despite not being mentioned in the patch notes, improves the process of optimizing gear and adds value to the player experience.

Undocumented Buffs and Speculation

Among the undocumented changes, the most unexpected and impactful were the buffs to class-specific Mulligan Hearts. These buffs transformed additive calculations into multiplicative ones, leading to substantial potency improvements for classes such as Sorcerers and Necromancers. The secretive nature of this change led to speculation about the development process, with theories ranging from UI team errors to player feedback prompting the adjustment.


Patch 1.1.2 for Diablo 4 turned out to be much more significant than initially anticipated. The reduction of malignant monster respawn times and the undocumented enchanting cost adjustments were welcomed improvements, while the unexpected class-specific buffs added a new layer of depth to the game. Despite the challenges posed by temporary trading shutdowns and duplications exploits, the development team's prompt response demonstrated their commitment to maintaining a healthy gameplay environment.


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