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Path of Exile 3.22 Atlas Keystone Passives balance changes

Though the PoE 3.22 balance changes are relatively conservative this time around, the addition of new Atlas Keystone passives has introduced a layer of strategic depth to the game. Let's explore some of these intriguing new additions:

Extreme Archeology: Simplify your expedition strategy by allowing the simultaneous placement of multiple nodes, streamlining the process of unleashing a wave of monsters. This keystone caters to those who prefer swift and intense combat encounters.

Destructive Play: Delve into the mysteries of the Maven and map bosses as Maven summons additional bosses, sparking curiosity about their potential interactions and potential awaken gem drops.

All Hands: Enhance your Master mission experience by increasing the odds of encountering Masters during map completion, promoting smoother progression for those focused on unveiling and crafting.

Endless Tide: Shape the dynamic of Beyond portals in your maps, potentially leading to a higher density of Beyond mobs, especially beneficial for build archetypes like ignite prolif builds.

Immutable Dogma: Simplify your ritual experience with this passive, ideal for newer players or those seeking a more straightforward approach to ritual encounters.

Unending Nightmare: Immerse yourself in continuous delirium fog within your maps, providing a more immersive and strategic delirium experience.

Timeless Conflict: Modify your Legion encounters by eliminating the time constraint, allowing for a more strategic approach to maximizing your rewards.

Crop Rotation: Elevate your Harvest encounters by targeting specific plant tiers for potential upgrades, catering to those who prefer a more controlled and calculated approach to crafting.

Overloaded Circuits: Immerse yourself in the crafting options of various leagues, further customizing your gameplay experience.

Meticulous Appraiser: Adjust item quantity modifiers to rarity, potentially leading to a more rewarding loot hunt in certain scenarios.

The Seventh Gate: Gain control over League map crafting options by allocating specific gateways on the Atlas.

Atlas Map Alterations:

As we navigate the new Atlas, we encounter a mix of added and removed maps, altering the landscape we battle. Some old favourites make their return, while others bid us farewell. These changes invite us to reevaluate our strategies and explore new horizons in our quest for dominance.

Changes to Influence Items and Maps

The patch notes also mention tweaks to the influence items and map drop rates. While this might affect your farming strategies, adapting and exploring new ways of obtaining your desired items and maps is essential. Don't let these changes deter you from experimenting and finding new efficient strategies.


In summary, Path of Exile's patch 3.22 doesn't bring sweeping balance changes but introduces a variety of intriguing Atlas Keystone passives. The return of Sanctum uniques opens up exciting possibilities for certain builds, and the new league, Trial of the Ancestors, promises fresh challenges and content to explore. While some adjustments might impact your gameplay, adaptation is part of the Path of Exile experience.strategies


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