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Old School RuneScape Shooting Stars Mining Guides

Have you ever wanted to train your mining skills in Old School RuneScape but dreaded the repetitive clicking and the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome? Jagex has heard your concerns and introduced a new update that makes mining much more AFK (Away From Keyboard) friendly for members and free-to-play players. The solution? Shooting stars! In this guide, we'll delve into the details of this exciting mining method.

What Are Shooting Stars?

Shooting stars are celestial objects that randomly crash down to Gielinor, creating temporary mining opportunities. What's unique about this method is that it encourages group collaboration, making it more social than traditional mining techniques.

The Shooting Stars Discord

To make the most of this update, join the Shooting Stars Discord community. With over 66,000 members (and growing rapidly), this platform helps you locate shooting stars in the game. Simply input your RuneScape username, and you'll gain access to a list of star locations found by other players.

Mining Shooting Stars

When you spot a shooting star, you can head to its location to start mining. Stars come in different tiers, with higher-tier stars offering better rewards. Keep in mind that you will need to click on the star periodically to maintain your mining efforts. The time between clicks varies depending on the star's tier.

For example, if you find a Tier 7 star, you may need to click approximately every 14 minutes for around 98 minutes to fully mine it. This means you'll make about six clicks for a substantial 45,000 mining XP – a much more efficient and relaxed approach compared to other methods.

Stardust and Rewards

As you mine shooting stars, you'll collect Stardust. The higher the star's tier, the lower the Stardust yield, but the greater the XP rewards. You can spend Stardust on various items, including the Celestial Ring, which boosts your mining level by four and grants a chance to double ores for ores below runite.

Additionally, shooting stars offer other valuable rewards, such as gems, clue geodes, and even crystal shards. If you're hunting for medium clue scrolls, this method can be an excellent way to obtain them.

The Perks of Group Mining

One of the standout features of the shooting stars update is that it encourages player interaction. Instead of solitary mining, you'll find yourself collaborating with others to locate and mine stars together. This community aspect adds a refreshing twist to the AFK training experience.


In summary, the shooting stars mining method offers a balanced alternative to traditional mining that promotes social interaction within the game. It's an excellent way to train your mining skill while collecting valuable rewards like Stardust, gems, clue scrolls, and more.


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