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Path of Exile 3.22 Flexibility and Effectiveness Chieftain Build

Welcome to a Path of Exile build guide that showcases the versatility and evolution of a Chieftain's Flame Ward character. This build transitions from an ignite-focused setup to a hard-hitting build, offering flexibility and effectiveness in various scenarios, including hardcore gameplay.

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The Genesis of the Build

Before delving into the details, it's essential to clarify that this build is independent of the need for Genesis. Instead, it's a character that starts as a Body Swap Ignite Chieftain, capable of effectively farming simulacrums in hardcore leagues.

The Ignite Chieftain

This build utilizes the powerful synergy between Chieftain's Ascendancy nodes, the "explode" mechanic, and the damage scaling from ignites. Here are the core features of the Ignite Chieftain:

Key Features:

Explode Mechanic: The build capitalizes on the "explode" node from Chieftain, which causes slain enemies to explode, dealing damage to nearby foes.

Global Ignite Chance: Acquire significant global ignite chance from the passive tree and gear.

Global Ignite Proliferation: Gloves with global ignite proliferation further enhance the damage from ignites.

Skill Choice: Body Swap Ignite is the primary skill, enabling the use of Ralakesh's Sunlight, which reduces enemies' Fire Resistance by 20% when stationary.

Defensive Focus: Due to the explosive damage output from ignites, the build prioritizes defense.

Passive Tree:

The passive tree for this build may appear complex, but it's designed for maximum efficiency. It stretches from Murano to Eldritch Battery, incorporating essential nodes for this unique setup.


90% All Resistances: Achieved through various sources, including Valako's Storm, Brace, and unique items.

Maximum Fire Resistance: Three Tukohama's Fortress jewels, Nomah's Revelation with Warrior's Tail, and a helmet with Purity of Fire support the 90% max Fire Resistance goal.

Physical Damage Mitigation: Utilize Dawnbreaker for "Physical Damage Taken as Fire" and Cloak of Flame for added ignite duration.

The Finesse of Destiny: This unique item provides immediate life recovery upon reaching 39 missing life, making you nearly invulnerable to small hits.

Transition to Flame Ward Hit Build

While the Ignite Chieftain is a powerful choice for simulacrum farming, it can be optimized further. The transition involves shifting from ignites to hard hits, focusing on the Flame Ward skill. Here's what to expect in the hit-focused build:

Upgrades and Changes:

Flame Ward: Transition to a Flame Ward build, combining high base damage with robust defenses.

Elemental Shift: Incorporate Elemental Shift to deal with penetration in simulacrums and new bosses effectively.

Flamewood: Consider adding Flamewood for well-rounded damage and defense capabilities. It excels at achieving high base damage while maintaining a sturdy character.


This Chieftain build showcases the evolution from an Ignite-focused character capable of farming simulacrums to a powerful Flame Ward hit build. You can enjoy a well-rounded Path of Exile experience by embracing versatility and adapting to different situations. Experiment with these concepts, optimize your build and conquer the challenges that await you in Wraeclast.


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