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Path of Exile Build - MoM Mischief Elementalist with Stone Golems and Herald of Purity

In this Path of Exile guide, we'll explore the MoM (Mind over Matter) Mischief Elementalist build, focusing on the use of Stone Golems and Herald of Purity. This build reserves our mana for auras, utilizes the LGoH (Life Gain on Hit) battery, and employs the Death Wish skill to explode our minions, dealing substantial elemental damage. While this build may not be the tankiest option, it excels at clearing tier 16 maps and taking down Elder Slayers. In this guide, we'll delve into this unique build's gear, passive tree, and playstyle.

Pros and Cons:


Affordable gear, making it viable as a league starter.

Capable of clearing tier 16 maps and taking down Elder Slayers.

Unique and engaging playstyle focused on minion explosions.

Good scalability for both damage and survivability.


Not exceptionally tanky, particularly against high-damage sources.

Clear speed may not be the fastest compared to other builds.

Requires careful positioning and movement to avoid damage.

Unique Items:

Mischief Unique Bone Helmet: This helmet is the cornerstone of the build. It grants access to the Death Wish skill, which allows you to explode your minions based on their life, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Barracks for Spite Ring: This unique ring adds significant quality of life by continuously proliferating ignites when you kill an ignited enemy.

Recommended Uniques (optional):

Rare Shield: Look for a shield with +2 levels of socketed gems to enhance your minion abilities. The "Solaris" and "Lunaris" versions of this shield are also viable.

The Scourge Claw: While not necessary, this claw provides a substantial boost to your minion damage.

Other Gear:

Rare Gloves: Aim for gloves with useful modifiers such as increased damage and resistances.

Rare Belt: Prioritize life and resistances on your belt.

Rare Boots: These should provide life, resistances, and spell suppression.

Amulet: You can reuse a relatively inexpensive amulet with "The Whispers of Doom" allocation, but other amulets with similar stats can suffice.

Rare Chest: A chest piece with life and dual resists is ideal.

Passive Skill Tree:

Dexterity Management:

Utilize a "Careful Planning" jewel to address the Dexterity requirements, which can be a lifesaver.

This jewel provides +24 Dexterity on its own and, when combined with other Dexterity nodes in the area, covers the necessary Dexterity for your build.

Key Passive Nodes:

Invest in "Energized Armour" to convert Energy Shield into additional armor, bolstering your defense against smaller hits.

Acquire "Sanctum of Thought" and "Faith and Steel" to enhance your armor and energy shield.

Primordial Bond Cluster Jewel:

Consider adding a cluster jewel with "Primordial Bond" for increased maximum life, as it can help you breach the 100,000 life threshold for your Stone Golems.

Whispers of Doom and Arcanist Brand:

Acquire the "Whispers of Doom" node for dual curses.

Use an Arcanist Brand linked to "Elemental Weakness" and "Flammability" to continually curse enemies, refreshing the duration of your ignites.


Explode and Clear:

Engage enemies by Shield Charging into packs and detonating your Stone Golems with the Death Wish skill.

Herald of Purity minions will deal additional damage based on the golems' life.

Map Clearing Strategy:

Shield charge into a pack, exploding your golems.

Tap Death Wish again to envelope the next pack.

Rinse and repeat throughout the map.


While not an ultra-tanky build, it provides enough defense to handle tier 16 maps.

Maintain a high evasion rating and spell suppression.

Stay on the move and avoid standing still in tough encounters.

Final Thoughts:

The MoM Mischief Elementalist build offers a unique and engaging playstyle centered around exploding minions and dealing substantial elemental damage. While it may not be the tankiest option available, it provides decent survivability for tackling challenging content. With affordable gear and the potential for scalability, it's a viable choice for both newcomers and experienced Path of Exile players. Experiment with this build, tweak it to your liking, and enjoy the explosive mayhem it brings to Wraeclast.


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