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Path of Exile Maven Boss Fight Strategy Guides

In Path of Exile, the Maven boss fight can be daunting for many players. However, defeating the Maven is achievable and highly PoE Currency and Power Items rewarding with the right strategy and understanding of the mechanics. In this guide, we'll cover how to access the Maven fight, tips for farming her invitations, and a detailed breakdown of the battle itself.

Getting to the Maven:

You need to progress through her quest line to initiate the Maven encounter. This quest line involves witnessing specific map bosses at Tier 9 and higher. Once you've fulfilled her requirements, she will drop an invitation that you can use to access the fight. Keep in mind that these bosses are easier during the invitation encounter compared to their normal map counterparts.

Tips for Farming Maven Invitations:

If you wish to farm Maven invitations, follow these steps:

  • Run tier 14+ maps while ensuring that Maven's middle button is selected.
  • Fill the ring around her icon with progress by completing these maps.
  • Once the ring is complete, use an Atlas Invitation to access the Maven encounter.
  • To increase the drop rate of Crescent Splinters (used for invitations), prioritize maps with higher item quantity percentages.

Understanding the Maven Encounter:

The Maven fight consists of several phases, which we'll break down for you:

Initial Phase:

  • Burn down the Maven as quickly as possible.
  • Stay behind her to avoid her melee attacks.
  • She may teleport around, so adapt to her movements.

Cortex Phase:

  • After defeating the Maven, Cortex (Cortex and a couple of other bosses) enters the arena.
  • Cortex spawns orbs that create damaging pools. Position these orbs on the outer ring to keep the inner area clear.
  • After defeating Cortex, you'll proceed to the Memory Game phase.

Memory Game Phase:

  • Follow the pattern shown on the ground with your mouse cursor. Do not step on the pattern.
  • Maven will teleport to the direction she faced before.
  • If you die during this phase, use the 60 seconds of invincibility upon re-entering to your advantage.

Maven's Second Phase:

  • After the Memory Game, Maven re-enters the fight with enhanced moves.
  • Continue damaging her while avoiding her attacks.
  • If you kill her quickly, she won't get a chance to do her more powerful moves.

Cortex Phase (Again):

  • The Cortex phase repeats with the appearance of damaging pools and lasers.
  • Deal with Cortex and focus on orbs to keep the pools away.

Memory Game (Second Round):

  • Similar to the first Memory Game phase, but with more complexity.
  • Follow the pattern to avoid damage and stay vigilant.

Final Phase:

  • In the Uber Maven encounter, Maven goes through another Memory Game phase.
  • Optionally, let her phase and repeat the Memory Game to complete a challenge.
  • If not, defeat her to claim your rewards.


Mastering the Maven boss fight in Path of Exile may take some practice, but it's a rewarding challenge that can yield valuable drops. With this guide, you have the knowledge needed to confidently tackle this encounter. Whether you're aiming to farm her for unique items or simply looking to conquer this formidable foe, remember that practice makes perfect, and soon enough, the Maven will be at your mercy. 


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