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Diablo 4 Essential Preparation Guide for Season 2

Everything you need to know to be ahead of the game as Season 2 approaches. From understanding the Renown system changes to ensuring you've secured your Season 1 rewards, this guide has you covered.

Changes to the Renown System

In earlier versions of Diablo 4, players would only get about halfway through the third Renown due to limited sources like waypoints, altars of Lilith, and area discoveries.

Now, all your Renown from past seasons will carry over to the new one.

However, Renown is separated by hardcore and softcore. Ensure you complete the Renown for the game mode you'll be playing next season to reap the benefits.

The Battle Pass

For those who have purchased or unlocked the battle pass, ensure you've acquired all possible rewards before the season concludes.

You don't need to hit level 100 to unlock everything; even if you're around level 70, you might have access to all rewards. Check to make sure!

Season Journey & Rewards

If you left your Season 1 journey unfinished, consider returning to complete the remaining objectives.

Exclusive titles like 'RFO' and 'Hart' are available from the Season 1 journey – these will no longer be available after the season ends.

The Malignant Questline also offers player titles such as 'Malignant Purifier'. Ensure you finish the storyline for these rewards.

Keep Your Hardcore Character Alive

If you're grinding Renown on a hardcore character, make sure not to lose the character. In Season 1, if a hardcore character died before the season began, their Renown didn't count. It's unclear if this will be the same for Season 2, but it's best to be safe.

Deciding on Your Class for Season 2

Start considering the class you want to play in Season 2. New powers and updates might influence your decision.

Transferring Items from Season 1

Once Season 2 starts, log into the Eternal realm to retrieve your Season 1 D4 items. A "seasonal withdraw-only stash tab" will be available for this purpose.

 Finish the Campaign and unlock Your Mount

If you're relatively new or didn't progress much in Diablo 4, make sure to finish the campaign and unlock your mount. This allows you to skip the campaign and have your mount ready as soon as Season 2 begins.

Map Uncovering

Starting from Season 1, the game now allows map uncovering to be saved across characters. Consider running around in-game to uncover any missing areas so your new Season 2 character will have a fully revealed map.

Altars of Lilith

These altars, along with the stats associated with them, will transfer between seasons. However, like the Renown system, it's separated by hardcore and softcore. Ensure you've captured all these altars to be in the best shape for Season 2.

In conclusion, while the anticipation for Diablo 4's Season 2 is palpable, using this guide to prepare effectively will give you a notable edge. Whether you're a hardcore or softcore player, following these steps ensures you're primed to dive into the new season fully prepared.


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