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Diablo 4 S2 Pulverize Conquering Tier 100 Nightmare Build

Welcome to the definitive guide on the Pulverize Build in Diablo 4, a setup designed to deal with colossal critical hits and clear mobs with unmatched ease. This guide covers the essential items, gameplay mechanics, and strategies to help you master the build, even if your glyphs aren't fully levelled or your gear isn't fully optimized.

Farming and Accessibility

One of the significant advantages of this build is the accessibility of unique items, thanks to the seasonal bosses. Players of all activity levels, including casual gamers, can farm these items easily, enhancing the build's performance substantially. However, it's crucial to note that while these unique items significantly improve the build, they are not mandatory for its success.

Build Overview

The Pulverize Build is a Werebear-based setup that excels in endgame scenarios, delivering massive crits and clearing mobs before they even have a chance to attack. With its simplistic gameplay and effectiveness on a controller, it's a top choice for players looking to dominate their enemies while enjoying a straightforward playstyle. During the gameplay captured for this guide, we observed a 25% increase in damage output, indicating the build's immense potential.

Key Items and Gameplay Mechanics

Unique Items

Godslayer Crown: This item offers additional health, cooldown reduction, and increased damage. The aspect of the Godslayer Crown is particularly beneficial, as it pulls enemies together, setting them up perfectly for a devastating Pulverize attack.

Insatiable Fury: This provides additional overpower damage, physical damage, and damage reduction in Werebear form. The +3 to Werebear skills enhances both survivability and damage output.

Tibolt's Will: This item is versatile and beneficial for any build, providing damage, damage reduction, and another multiplicative source of damage.

Banish Lord's Talisman: This unique item adds to your Decor skills, critical hit chance, overpower damage, and resource generation, all of which are essential for this build.

Legendary Aspects

Aspect of the Eir adds continual damage after using Pulverize.

Shockwave Aspect transforms Pulverize into a large AOE attack.

Aspect of Quicksand causes Pulverize to slow enemies.

Aspect of Retaliation boosts Recore skills based on fortify.

Aspect of the Umbrel helps in maintaining enough Spirit for efficient clearing.

Vamper Powers

Pray on the Weak adds multiplicative damage to vulnerable targets.

Sanguin Brace keeps fortify stacked up.

Blood Boil guarantees an overpower, crucial for this build.

Metamorphosis provides an additional Unstoppable and synergizes well with Tibolt's Will.

Skill Tree and Paragon

The skill tree for the Pulverize Build focuses on maximizing damage output and survivability. Key skills include:

Enhanced Storm Strike for damage reduction.

Pulverize with maximum investment for raw damage.

Wild Impulses and Predatory Instincts for critical hit enhancement.

Iron Fur for additional damage reduction.

The Paragon setup follows Baldu's setup, providing a balanced mix of survivability and damage boost. Recommended glyphs include Outmatch and Exploit, with Exploit being the priority for leveling to 15.


The Pulverize Build is a formidable choice for Diablo 4 players looking to dominate the endgame content. With its massive critical hits, ease of clearing mobs, and straightforward gameplay, it's a build that delivers both fun and effectiveness on the battlefield. Remember to focus on farming those unique items and optimizing your skill tree and Paragon choices, and you'll find yourself tearing through Tier 100 Nightmare with ease.


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