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Diablo 4 Season 3 Guide: Mastering Companions, Vaults, and More

Welcome to our final guide for Diablo 4's Season 3: Season of the Construct. Whether you have been playing the game for years or are a newbie wishing to plunge into the dark world of Sanctuary, this guide is designed to give you some crucial information that will help you survive in the latest season. Let us now go through the new features and strategies that can make you a success.

New Seasonal Content: Companions and Vaults

Within Season 3, an Arcane construct called The Companion named Cenál will be introduced. Actively assisting as a pet which cannot be killed, once it has been mended, this mechanical ally can deal damage, control crowds as well as heal too. Technical abilities may be altered by Tuning and Governing Stones that can be won from Arcane Tremors events or crafted with Shattered Stones.

Gate hall is located beneath Kistan making it the central hub for this season where players can access seasonal dungeons known as Vaults. For instance, one must visit these Vaults in order to gather Tuning Stones and Governing stones that are vital for upgrading your Companion.

Leveling Efficiently

If one has already completed the campaign before, and would like to swiftly get to World Tier 4 then consider skipping it. Starting at World Tier 1 is actually most efficient way to power level since easier enemies provide faster dungeon clears.

For consistent experience gains repeat Dom Hane Tunnels dungeon in Scalen. By killing Legion Events, World Bosses and participating in new seasonal objectives such as Arcane Tremors one can vary their leveling routine using such methods.

Arcane Tremors and Nightmare Vaults

Sanctuary is filled with Arcane Tremors which should be engaged with in order to collect cores from constructs/towers used during summoning Boss Malus' Heralds. Defeating these constructs sometimes leads to dropping Stones or Shattered Stones. The Pearls of Warding, a rare currency necessary for entering Vaults are the ultimate reward for defeating Heralds.

Nightmare Vaults present a greater challenge with increased number of traps and stronger enemies but at the same time, they offer more valuable rewards. Vault Sigils which initiate Nightmare Vaults can be found in World Tiers 3, and 4.

Vault Strategy

While inside a Vault, Pearls of Warding should be exchanged with Zoltan Warding stacks. These stacks serve as a defense against traps within the Vault. Successfully navigating through without using up all your stacks will grant you access to Woven Chests packed with precious loot.

Uber Vault and Endgame Progression

When you have completed the seasonal quest chain, Uber Vault is unlocked. This is where you have to defeat Uber Malus who has a chance of dropping two unique Stones that greatly enhance your Companion's potential.

As you progress beyond level 60 concentrate on Nightmare Dungeons or Vaults for best experience/loot ratios. To unlock higher tiers and continue climbing up through power engage in World Tier 3 Capstone dungeons.

Looking Ahead: Gauntlet Dungeon

Season 3 will introduce Gauntlet Dungeon—a weekly rotating challenge with leaderboards coming soon. Those who win will find their names permanently inscribed in the Hall of Ancients.

To sum up, Diablo 4's Season 3 is jam-packed with content meant to keep players busy all season long. By following this guide, not only will you have in-depth knowledge of how The Companion operates, but also how to conquer Vaults thereby ascending through the World Tiers. Use comments below to share your experiences with the community or ask questions about navigating Season of the Construct.


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