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A new gameplay trailer describes combat mechanisms, the livestock system and Luma Temtems

TEM TEM S The new trailer showed both battles against two and the deep breeding system in the next match.

TEM TEM is a coming game in the monster collector kind. The game already wins field for its promising improvements in relation to some other game of the same kind. Even at the beginning of the Kickstarter, TEM TEM developers have promised strategic battles and detailed reproductive mechanisms. Today, developers have published a new gameplay trailer examining these two aspects as well as the new Lima Tested.

The official gameplay trailer published the TEM TEM S YouTube CHAIN. The trailer provides a complete overview of the combat system and livestock mechanisms.

Combat system 2 against 2

Any salt tamer will want to test his TEM TEM against others. With different types and weaknesses that accompany all types, the tamers will have to keep the type in mind. TEM TEM LOVES reference the strategic element in battles. The battles will be almost always in 2 against 2, that is to say that a tamer has two Tested at the fight at a time.

The gameplay trailer referred to endurance and synergy systems in the game. Players will have to plan their movements to form combined attacks. The tested Wiki refers to the two: each movement will cost endurance to use and TEM TEM may lack stamina in combat. There is also a synergy related to the TEM TEM partner. If both TEM TEM work together, their synergy will be higher and movements will be boosted.

Livestock system

For those who like to raise their monsters for better statistics and effects, TEM TEM can be taken to the breeding center. Tested s breeding will allow offspring to inherit special features of both parents. Some Tested can only be achieved by raising some monsters together, so players are encouraged to try.

The breeding mechanics described in the Wiki TEM TEM are more detailed than the trailer suggests there are fertility levels that will deteriorate more the tamers will multiply their TESTERS. Reproduction is based on the type. If the TEM TEM shares a type, they can reproduce, but if they do not do it, they are not compatible.

Temtem - Official Gameplay Trailer (Breeding & Battle System)


Lima Tested must TEM TEM What Shines are at Pokémon. With unique colors, an additional shine and brilliance, the Lima Tested is a rare version of the existing Tested. Unlike brilliant Pokémon, Lima Tested has improved their statistics through their unique scarcity and colors.

TEM TEM looks like a promising addition to the kind of collection of monsters. The game will be launched on the Steam s Early Access program on January 21st. After anticipated access, it will arrive at other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, in 2021.


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