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Agricultural Simulator 22 in the test: bigger, beautiful, better?

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Test Conclusion

Test note



To do any right to do it goes thoroughly in most games. Giants software, however, succeeds in the LS22 the feat of both players who have missed complexity and play depth in the predecessors, as well as those who simply want to process their virtual fields with a heavy device without much time and performance. For the production chains are the same as the season-related restrictions on seed and harvest in pure optional and an offer, which brings a significant added value especially for long-term players. All others still play the new part as well as the predecessor. Whether you like it something more demanding or particularly relaxed, your gaming experience benefits from the countless audiovisual improvements — at least on a correspondingly powerful PC or one of the Next-Gen consoles. The developers screw the quality of textures and effects massively up to a contemporary level, which also makes the LS22 even for serial news significantly tempting than its predecessors. Last but not least, the still not optimal player leadership prevents a buy recommendation for less simulation-affine gamers. For genre and serial fans, however, the LS22 is a clear compulsory purchase.

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Once again extended fleet of a number of well-known production (including completely new categories such as stone collectors and grape harvest) New fruit and animal species such as grapes and bees for honey production Massively improved graphics and effects (on PC and Next gene consoles) Production chains and seasons increase the play depth on request enormous Several adaptation options for more demanding or particularly relaxed gaming experience Three big cards available from the start Multiplayer mode with crossly support Countless detailed improvements, including windshield wipers and warning lights


Series goals are still left alone in many areas Harvesting hat often break off the work To aggressive traffic In parts significantly limited object view width Occasional reputation buckler in streaming the world

Harvesting WHEAT and baling STRAW | Animals on Haut-Beyleron | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 1

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The title Agricultural Simulator 22 (short LS22 ) reminds of the naming of well-known sports game series. Unlike FIFA & Co., the Swiss Developer Studio Giants Software is not a new part of its extremely successful professional simulation every year. Three years fans had to wait for the most recent sequel — longer than ever! For this, this trumps with many innovations and first appears for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.

In the test, the new functions prove mostly as a profit without spoiling the usual relaxed gaming experience. However, the greatest progress is technical — with which the LS22 of a general buy recommendation is approaching than all predecessors.

Far more than just expanded

So far, the continuity of the Agricultural Simulator ranged more or less, the increased number of officially licensed tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment. Or to report on the new field fruits and species for livestock. In the end, the conclusion was usually the fact that the new part of the LS offers more content, something better, but in the core still as well as the previous one.

In fact, such a judgment could also be preceded by the LS22. Because of course there are more devices. There would be about the stone collectors, with which they remove rock boulders from the fields to curb the wear of their seed machines and plows. For the recently attached grapes, the Brand 9070L of New Holland is available to you. As almost all other vehicles, the harvesting machine is authentic to the smallest detail.

Production chains increase complexity

However, the LS22 has far more on the box than that he would lace only a thicker circumferential package around the topics of field work, livestock and forestry. In LS22 they do not only produce raw materials, they also store them or make them directly to money to expand their financial possibilities and thus their fleet and their farm. The newly introduced production chains enable the production of significantly more complex products. From grapes, for example, they produce juice or raisins at the corresponding production site.

However, combine this with butter from your cheese egg, sugar, flour or maybe even honey from your own beehives, emerges from this fine pastries. That rinses significantly higher profits to your account. This fact justifies that the structure and implementation of production chains are complicated accordingly and are primarily based on long-term scooters. If you only want and deliver yourself here and deliver two hours of cotton or barley, you can completely ignore this feature. For intensive players, however, the new production options definitely offer a higher attendance and long-term motivation.

by autumn leaves and snowfall

Similar to the production chains, the optionally activated seasons enrich the authenticity of the game. In the LS22 there is not just a flowing day-night change or rain. But in the fall, the foliage turns golden brown, in winter falls snow and the trees throw off their leaves. How much the season has a visual effect depends on the chosen card. You can choose from the US Map Elm creek included for the first time, the new version of the Erlengrat card based on the Alpine Region and the South France-Beyleron.

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On the latter, it is climatically mild, so maybe in January may be a few snowflakes from the sky, but do not stay. Anyway, during the test was that way. Just on the cards where winter envelops the environment in a powdered sugar gown, seasonal weather conditions ensure a thick atmosphere plus. But playfully, the seasons are important.

Because the vast majority of fruit varieties have to plant them very realistic in certain months and harvest before reaching another month. Time pressure is only conditioned: By default, the month alternates with each day, but you can increase this period of time but up to 28 days and also set how fast time passes. Several gradations are possible between halved real time and a 120-fold acceleration. Do not do it all for you, simply turn off the seasons, problem solved. Also, optionally adjustable: the need to floors to limes, the watch diver potential of weeds and the destruction of their wheat when they drive across the field.

No matter how you decide to keep the purely optical effects in any case without playing mechanical restrictions. Simply expressed: you define your game itself, take everything that makes you fun, or turn off everything that does not fit in the stuff. So its used to players from the LS — and thats exactly how it has to be!

Contemporary technology with smears

Serial consonants and connoisseurs know that Giants software in the past technically does not necessarily have everything out of the engine, which was possible. It would be too much said that the LS22 will change this in any way. The visual leap is, even taking into account the three years distance to the LS 19, but greater than ever. Refer to the so-called parallax-occlusion mapping, among other things, through which, for example, plastered house walls have a significantly more plastic effect. In virtually all areas, texture quality and detail sharpness are increasing.

There are also a number of new effects. Quite considerably, combine harvesters now throw away grain residues backwards, which are realistically distributed on the field. When using wet fertilizers, the soil does not simply discolor a bit darker, but now looks really moist. Very nice are also the stones that get to the surface when cultivating or plowing and watching them — also very pretty — remove with the stone collators.

Strong animations and improved sound

Over almost every doubt raised are the animations of the vehicles and other equipment when unfolding before the actual use. The sound has improved significantly. The engine noise blades generally scattered and more realistic, especially when a tractor comes to moan when pulling a heavy load on a slope powerful. From the cockpit-respective guide house perspective, they hear significantly fewer thanks to the realistic insulation of modern equipment. Also details like the windshield wipers activated in the rain make you positive. However, the implementation is still a good deal from Technically Perfect.

Especially on the consoles (where computer picture most likely visually clearly weaker versions for PS4 and Xbox One could not look in mind) the weaknesses fall on, as the makers significantly limit the object view width in parts. Building or trees are usually still visible from a larger distance. However, the plants on the fields or the grain residue left by the harvester shines the game already at a relatively low distance.

For the larger field surfaces, it looks like one of the corners therefore often looked as if nothing would stand there in the back. The growth is first gradually builds up when you approach the rear field edge. Also, not optimal is the streaming of the game world: Drive with a halfway fast vehicle through the area, it always comes to smaller return glaciers. Typical problems such as the reckless (switchable on request) traffic or the computer-controlled harvesting less, which still sometimes look at your unfinished work as fulfilled in the middle of unemployed reasons, there is also still.

Entry still harder than necessary

Pendant of the multiplayer mode not yet usable at the test center are not necessarily instructed on the helper. For the first time they can also help cross-platform from friends and strange players at work. However, truly serious technical or game mechanical tips are not noticed in the PlayStation-5 trial version. Series goals and boards still need to acquire more knowledge themselves than necessary, the In game tutorials and other helps still cover far not everything.

Release Agricultural Simulator 22 : November 22, 2021, for PC, macOS, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as well as a streaming version via Google Stadia. The game is released without age restriction and costs in the trade between 40 and 50 euros. For PC, there is also a Collectors Edition with digital and physical extras for around 70 euros.


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