Angel Games, two new ones,

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Angel Games showed two new work in Gustav 2021, held from 17th to 21st.

In this GTA, Angel Gel Games developed its own mobile 2D Action RPG Gods Top M: The Great Journey (hereinafter, Gods Top M) and Action Adventure Wanderers: The Arena (hereinafter, Wanderers).

The scene was operated by a Goods Shop selling two game demonstrators and game. Subsequently, in the main stage of the booth, we started the Cosplay Team Opening Fashion Show, and the Wanderers Strength, Wanderers Boss expedition, and Wanderers on the Wang.

We became ANGELS in Roblox!

In addition, the Office linked event through African TV. Every 1st place to pay the goods to the first place M quizzer stage, the Wanderers confrontation, and the winners, and the events to pay the prizes.

Meanwhile, the New Tower M is developed based on the new tower in Never Webtoon, and Wanderers will launch next year with new work that combines Log Link and Battle Royal genre.


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