Eleven points distance! Worms pulls on the top of it

It was the duel of unbeatable. For the catch-up game of the 3rd match day, the leaders Format Worms traveled to Armenia Ludwigshafen on Wednesday evening, the only unbeaten team of the Oberlin Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar South. Seven victories, seven draws and 28 points had the team from Marco Laying to this point in the account. But Worms also went into the 14 games after the defeat against Tailback on the 1st match day no longer as loser from the square. However, that with the Armenia this season is not to joke, the meeting of both teams on the 14th match day showed about two weeks ago. At that time, Ludwigshafen abducted a counter from Worms — the only Wormier point loss in the last nine games — and also gave three goals to the best defensive of the league.

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And even in the second duel of the season, it was hot from the beginning. The better start caught the favorite. Pine is already in the seventh minute and scored early leadership for the guests. As already in the first leg, the Armenia reiterated its effectiveness in the goal of gate and, after a quarter of an hour. Matteo Monet ta kept the nerves in front of the guest box and chipped the leather technically clean over the line. As a result, FORMAT revealed a clear opportunity plus, but the offensive series but partly leaned up, which is why the Armenia was very happy to appreciate that the guests were successfully successful before halftime. Exchanger had recently launched his team in the 40th minute. After the side change, the spectators in the Südweststadion offered the same picture. In most of the guests, the guests determined the gameplay, but again succeeded in the households of compensation, and again it was Matteo Monet ta, who cheered. The attacker scored his seventh goal out and set 2: 2 (54th). In the styles of a top team, Worms showed unimpressed and pressed further on the gas pedal. After just over an hour then the knockout for the hitherto sophisticated Armenia. At first, jaw laced the double pack and set to 2: 3, a little later, Exchanger also scored his second goal of this evening and finally made the lid on it (76.). Worm remains in the 15th game in series without defeat and expands the projection on the top of the table to eleven points. For Ludwigshafen, however, the unbeaten series ends after 15 games.


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