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Games News Podcast 693: Preview of Halo Infinite and Dying Light 2

Game One (formerly MTV Game One; in the pilot as MTV Players) is a former German television program for video and also video game, which has been recognized, among various other things, for its satirist discussion of games and sensations of game culture. In 2011, the website of the program was granted the Audience Award of the Grimm Online Honor. On December 22, 2014, MTV revealed the hiring of the program, the last episode 307 was released on 24 December.

With the Games News Podcast 693 we welcome you again this week again to our video game talk. This week, Matthias has loaded the David into the (virtual) ton cabin. Together, the two are first talking about Dying Light 2. For a playback date of the post-apocalyptic parkour adventure, David has long been dared to an exterior appointment for a long time. He tells us about his trip to Warsaw and of course what impression the game in the end has done with him. Then we dedicate ourselves to the upcoming Halo Infinite. His multiplayer mode has already appeared, and the campaign was able to play David for the first time before the test. What he liked there and why he is not satisfied with everything, he reveals in the podcast. The whole thing is rounded off as always with your community contributions.

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The new episode listen directly here!

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Topics of the GA podcast episode 693:

00:00:00 — Intro and in your own thing 00:04:37 — Advertising 00:06:22 — Dying Light 2 00:42:41 — Advertising 2 00:45:45 — Halo Infinite 01:08:36 — Community Posts

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